Barbarossa Pirate Ship from LetterboxUK #review

This is quite simply the pirate ship of all pirate ships! When Kieran opened the parel from Letterbox UK, well I think we can safely say he was pleased?

In all honesty, I’m not sure who was more excited, Kieran or me! This is a beautiful natural wood and painted ship which is of obvious quality, sturdy (most important when it sails off the coffee table “by accident”) and has a working canon! For those now panicking, it’d not a very powerful canon, no windows would be broken! Kieran has literally spent hours making lego figures and pirates alike walk the plank, has conquered the seven seas and looted more treasure than one 5yr old boy knows what to do with. Possibly the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while was Kieran taking his friend by the hand when he arrived for a playdate and whispering theatrically”You have to come upstairs… I have a real life pirate ship, a PROPER one!”

Suffice to say, the Barbarossa Pirate Ship is a big hit!

Priced at £43 this is a fantastic home or gift item that will go the distance! Gorgeous to look at, fantastic for getting the imagination going and made to last, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone. The only drawback is that the pirates don’t come with the ship but these are available separately here, or as Kieran has – you can use pirate figures or any figures you already have. We have had a mixture of pirates, superheroes and lego robbers walking the planks or being locked in the hold for their hideous crimes!

The Barbarossa Pirate Ship really should be up at the top of this year’s “Must haves” for Christmas. I’ll be surprised if it isn’t.

For full product information visit the LetterboxUK website, and don’t forget to say hello to them on Twitter to be kept up to date with current special offers and news.

As you were you scurvy sea-dogs!