Making Smart Savings with Smart Save

As most of you will already know if you read the blog regularly I hate to spend money if I don’t have to. Some might say I’m tight or stingy however I prefer the more polite term, frugal. At the end of the day it makes more sense, especially in the current economic climate, to spend less and save more so that when it comes down to those inevitable rainy days, there is some money saved.

Being of a frugal mind I look to make saving pretty much everywhere, with food, clothing, everyday expenses and bills as well as cutting larger costs such as holidays and days out. I’m a big fan of holidaying in the UK however have had my mind on other destinations recently, namely New York! New York fascinates me (too many American based TV shows perhaps?) and I really do want to see her for myself.

Seeing as it is almost cheaper to visit abroad nowadays than it is staying at home I’ve started looking at the logistics of flying us all over there (although a girly NY weekend with a friend has not been ruled out too) without breaking the bank entirely. If I do manage to get to New York I want to see and do it all. I wan’t to see the Brooklyn bridge, visit Coney Island, get to the top of the Empire State building, visit Central Park and eat and shop all over the city.

It appears that the best way to see the sights of New York, especially if only visiting for a few days is to use a New York Water Taxi. This is a great (and environmentally friendly) way to see the sights and gain a unique perspective into the city. As you can jump off and on at a variety of stops or choose to stay onboard and take advantage of the full tour it really is a unique way to get to know an area. And I could also work on my tan 🙂

One way to make savings during my trip will be to visit SmartSave, a fabulous website packed with vouchers and deals on many attractions and travel related activities in the UK and in the US among other places. Needless to say I will be visiting the site and printing off vouchers for money off the taxi, museums and more if this much dreamed of trip does go ahead.

I really can’t wait to get to the Big Apple and see it for myself however I don’t plan to get too giddy and overspend. I want to remember my trip (I’ve convinced myself that I am going, have you noticed?) fondly and not for being a hideous expense that has wiped out all our savings. I must investigate SmartSave more actually; New York aside it seems like a great way to save money wherever you are!



*Written in collaboration with the mentioned business yet true to my thoughts, feelings and experiences