Kanzi Apples: Not Just For Apple Day

Kanzi Apples: Not Just For Apple Day

Kanzi Apples kindly sent me 6 apples and an apple divider so that I could try this brand out for myself and decide whether I wanted to write a blog post about them. Clearly I did. 

There were apples everywhere you looked recently thanks to Happy National Apple Day. I like national recognition days but I sometimes worry that after the hype is over the awareness wanes too quickly. This is why I have waited until today to write about apples in generally and Kanzi apples specifically. 

I’ve always thought that apples get something of a raw deal when it comes to fruit bowl fame. Everyone gets all excited about blueberries, tropical fruits and anything a little different. Meanwhile, the humble Kanzi apple sits quietly and confidently, ready for us to pick them up for our next snack. I’m sorry folks but I’ll take a Kanzi over other fruit any day.

A Kanzi Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

We’ve all heard that phrase before. The truth is, for me at least, it’s all true. I am diabetic and have IBS (a winning combination says no-one) so fruit can be something of an issue for me. An apple, however, offers just the right amount of healthy goodness, is tasty and fills a gap. It is an apple I reach for if I’m tempted to snack as it is by far the healthiest and the cheapest choice. 

Packed with antioxidants, flavanoids, and dietary fibre, apples are great for digestion and are attributed to being a good fruit for those watching their cholesterol.

kanzi apples

Quick and Easy Kanzi Apples

I’m a copywriter. I could write you reams about the many benefits of apples but to be honest, in this crazy busy world we live in one of the greatest benefits of choosing a Kanzi Apple is that they are so easy. Grab and go. Throw one in your bag. School snacks and packed lunches. Literally no prep unless you decide to go all fancy. We’re busy and so having a grab and eat snack that is healthy is a quicker, easier and healthier choice.

Enjoy Kanzi Apple in So Many Ways

Other than the usual grab, eat and enjoy way of eating a Kanzi snack, Kanzi apples may be enjoyed in a variety of ways. One of my favourite ways at the moment is with peanut butter. Not the sugar-filled, crunchy stuff, the smooth and wholesome variety. I slice up the apples, smear them with peanut butter and am good to go. This is a very healthy and filling snack. Double apple slices with cheese, dried fruits, chop into cereal or put on top of porridge. We’ve done all of this and more. Make sure that you give some of these a go.

Why Kanzi Apples?

At around £2 for a pack of 6 apples, this variety, available in Tesco, Sainsburys and more are reasonably priced. A cross between the Braeburn and Gala varieties they are juicy and boast a balanced sweet and sour taste. Not too sweet, not too sour, they are just right. A nice size, being not too big or small Kanzi apples simply tick all the fruit-eating boxes.

Click below to see how Kanzi Apples surprised apple fans recently. Very clever! Don’t forget to leave me your favourite ways to enjoy an apple snack in the comments.