Christmas Message from the Curly & Candid Cawoods! (Pics)

(Well one of us is Curly!)

Presents bought, most wrapped, food sorted etc.

All that remains is for…..

Me, the shy and retiring one
The long-suffering hubby, Roy
My cheeky sidekick in all things michievious
And the newest edition, Taylor


to wish everyone a very
Merry Christmas!

** I feel a bit bad about the pic of Roy, it’s hardly a great photo of my handsome husband, so I dug this one out instead…


Cosatto Cabi- Weather Endurance test!! #Review

If you’ve been unconscious or locked in a dark, and well heated room for the past 6 weeks…. we’ve had a spot of cool weather. When I say cool, I mean it has been blooming freezing!!

Just a LITTLE bit of snow to contend with! (Picture taken by my Mum!)
Being something of a buggy tart I was itching to get out and about to show off my new arrival (the Baby as well as the Cabi!) when it arrived, however the snow, then ice, then slush, then more ice put me off especially as I’d only recently had a c-section and to be honest have been terrified of slipping and my insides popping out! 

Just under two weeks after Taylor was born Roy’s paternity leave ended and I was on my own, with the crap weather and with the school run to do.

The Cabi in “Pram” mode.

All I can say is thank goodness for the Cabi! As well as being perfect for Taylor, size and comfort-wise, it’s modern and somewhat funky design in no way dilutes it’s sturdiness! So easy to manoeuvre without being flimsy, I have had little trouble doing the school run, shopping and visiting, despite some areas being absolutely atrocious! I have to say though, the school run for the first couple of days was so funny as I got as many (if not more!) comments on the Cabi than on Taylor!!

The rain cover that comes included with the Cabi is suitable for use in all set ups ( ie pram or pushchair mode) and is very easy to attach. Rain-covers I always find a bit of a faff, and I despise the fact that nine times out of ten whatever is in the shopping basket always gets soaking wet through. This all-over, easy to fit rain-cover avoids this, covering the entire buggy and protecting the shopping basket below. There are no ties or poppers to fight with as the cover attaches firmly with just two velcro strips on either side.

I particularly like the smooth navigation, which helped me skirt around icy patches etc but also the  sturdy rear wheels which seem to grip the ground. 
So, snow, ice, wind, slush.. all in the extreme of course.. and the Cabi came up trumps! A warm and safe baby, a sturdy frame so safe Mummy (and Kieran who holds the pram to walk to school!), a rain-cover that is easy to fit, protects the entire buggy and of course the basket contents all spell out 10/10 to me for the weather endurance test!!

I have to say, so far it hasn’t been a hardship putting the Cabi through it’s paces. Keep your eyes open for more Cosatto exploits.

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