Itty Bittys From Hallmark: Fun for Play and Collecting

I’ve been a Mum for over eleven years now and have seen many popular toys and games, crazes and fad come and go. Imagine my glee then when I was introduced to the Itty Bittys from Hallmark. These are not only brilliant as standalone toys but make great autumn/rainy day fun prompts and are fabulous for collecting too.

Taylor was sent six of these fab fun characters and we have had a great time with them as they may be used in so many ways.


itty bittysBeing slightly more grown-up than Taylor I’d be tempted to have the Itty Bittys as display items but then he’s 6yrs old and I’m….not. I have Funko Pop figures of my own to play with but these smaller, cuter versions of favourite Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics and SuperHero Girls are perfect in size and style for younger children to have as favourite companions. Taylor has had a different Itty Bitty for a bedtime mini teddy (or a teddy for his teddy) every night. He’s also had one in his pocket when going for an autumn foraging adventure. These make awesome companions.

Hide and Seek

Cute and fun, Itty Bittys are great for playing games with. Our favourite is hide and seek when we take turns in hiding the characters in Taylor’s room for the other one to find. There was that one time I thought I’d be clever and hide Robin in Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine toy and forgot all about him but Batman came to the rescue eventually and set him free.

Roleplay Toys

I’ve come across Taylor simply playing with the Itty Bittys. Yoda has been kidnapped and so the rest of the gang, led by a distraught Chewie has battled evil to find him and set him free. There’s really nothing better than watching your children come up with their own scenarios and act them out.


These Itty Bittys are soft and fast. You can play catch with them. You can make them fly. You get the picture.

Itty Bittys as Collectables

We have six of these fab Itty Bittys and they are very much loved. We have to have more! There are so many to collect and Taylor has asked if he can use his pocket money to get some more. Who am I to refuse? These Itty Bitty things are nothing short of awesome.

From a parent’s point of view, I love these Itty Bittys. They are very well made, look great and have offered us hours of fun so far. If you’re looking for stocking fillers, collectables or just some awesome gifts for your little ones these Itty Bittys fit the bill perfectly.


Pre-Teen Bedroom Makeover

We moved to a new house this summer, from one end of the street to another. To be honest though we could be in another world as far as the house is concerned, it’s that much better. The main motivation for moving was space and while this house is somewhat similar to the old one in layout this one is over three floors. Three floors means that Kieran, who just started high school, gets his own attic room complete with funky recessed lighting and a large VELUX window.

We’re not sure what to call the attic yet. Boy den? Teen den? Pit of smelly socks, room of used tea mugs and pre-teen despair? The jury is still out on that one however if you ask Kieran what he thinks of it he would simply say “It is AWESOME”.

I’ve decorated, rearrange and tarted up children’s bedrooms for 11 years now however this is my first teen room. As far as attic conversions go this one is a doozy. There is a huge VELUX window much like the VELUX found here, spot lights, the eaves have been boarded out for extra storage (probably more exciting to me that Kieran) and there’s even a radiator. He has his bed under a slope, a wardrobe and a couple of shelving units up there, his laptop of course is on a desk but it still needs something. A pre-teen bedroom makeover is in order

We don’t want to put anything on the walls as such, he likbedroom makeoveres the clean look (unless it’s one of the days where all his clothes, books and pens seem to throw themselves onto the floor). We can’t do anything with the lights as there is recessed lighting built in. I was thinking a rug, some funky bean bags (big-ish ones so his mates can come over for gaming / movie fun) and maybe something that could go around the top banister in his room. Not fairy lights as such but something. He also has loads of room underneath the other roof slopes that isn’t currently being used.

It seems that an evening on Pinterest looking up bedroom makeover is in order. I want it (as does he!) to be geeky, cool, fun and functional. He definitely needs a second desk for homework and somewhere to store his many (MANY) school books that is easy to get to.  If you’ve done an attic or teen bedroom makeover and have pictures or have blogged about it please let me know!