Make Sure Your Home is Winter-Ready

Make Sure Your Home is Winter-Ready

As the seasons change and winter approaches, it’s vital to make sure your home is winter-ready. From freezing temperatures to snow and rain, winter can be the toughest season for your property to cope with. Due to this, it’s important to take steps to mitigate the impact. To get started, take a look at these five ways to make sure your home is winter-ready:

Make Sure Your Home is Winter-Ready: Check Your Heating System

If you haven’t used your heating system much over spring and summer, you don’t want to find out that it isn’t working just as the cold weather sets it. When you check your system early, you have enough time to resolve any issues before it gets too cold. Similarly, stock up on bunded oil tanks now if you have an oil-powered system. This will ensure you’ve got all the supplies you need to keep warm over winter. 

Inspect the Roof

Missing or loose roof tiles aren’t uncommon, but they can lead to significant issues if they aren’t repaired or replaced. If the rainwater can get into your loft via roof tiles, it could cause flooding, damp and mould. Additionally, water damage can cause timber to rot. This could have a considerable impact on the structural integrity of the property. If you don’t fancy climbing a ladder yourself, hire a trusted roofing company to inspect your roof and replace missing or damaged tiles. 

Make Sure Your Home is Winter-Ready – Upgrade Your Insulation

If you want to cut the cost of your home utility bills, upgrading your insulation can be the most effective way to achieve your goals. When your property is better insulated, less heat will escape from it. As a result, be able to reduce the temperature on the thermostat or have the heating on less often. When you’re not using your heating system as frequently, you’ll spend less on fuel and make your property more sustainable in the process. 

Block Unused Chimneys

Unused chimneys can mean that a lot of heat escapes your home, so don’t let these features send your fuel bills soaring. Instead, having unused chimneys blocked off by a professional or use a chimney balloon to prevent heat loss. This is a cost-effective way to minimise the negative impact that an unused chimney can have while still allowing you to retain the original features of your property. 

Test Smoke and Fire Alarms Regulary

You should test smoke, fire and carbon monoxide alarms at regular intervals throughout the year but it’s particularly important to do this during winter. At a time when you’re going to be more likely to use a heating system, electric heaters and candles, it’s worth making sure that safety alarms are in good working order. 

Protecting Your Property Throughout Winter

Taking the time to get your home winter-ready can save you a considerable amount of time and money. By preventing unnecessary damage from occurring and voiding the need for repairs in the future, getting your home ready for winter will ensure you enjoy everything the season has to offer without worrying about the impact on your property. 


Spruce Up Your Kitchen’s Outlook

Spruce Up Your Kitchen’s Outlook

As the world evolves, so does the meaning of a kitchen. Not long ago, the kitchen was a reserved part of the house where only cooking and cleaning could occur. However, thanks to technology, a kitchen can now serve multiple roles within a household, including being a working area or resting place. If you have decided to spruce up your kitchen’s outlook a little research will go a long way.

Unfortunately, if your kitchen lacks the features to meet the market standards, you may only enjoy half its benefits. Use these tips to customise your kitchen and upgrade it into a fully functional space.

Prioritise a Hardware Change

To improve your kitchen’s outlook, you need to replace the old items with modern ones that are classy and easy to maintain.

Metallic objects that can withstand the test of time should top the list of hardware you should update, as their visual and sensual impact is notable.

Replace the old metals with improved versions such as aluminium, copper, or stainless steel. Moreover, consider borrowing some of the Bespoke Kitchen Design ideas on how to blend these metals suitably.

Ideally, these materials can either go on your cabinet hardware, hood options, or pendulums for a beautiful outlook.

Spruce Up Your Kitchen’s Outlook: Decide on the Layout

The practicality of having an enclosed kitchen is an ongoing discussion. Most modern houses continue to favour an open layout. However, deciding on your kitchen’s permanent look should depend more on functionality than the trend.

If you spend significant time or host multiple people in your kitchen, for example, the need for extra space can be among the reasons to upgrade your kitchen into an open layout with shelves.

Some of the most outstanding layouts for kitchens today include U-shaped, Galley, Line Kitchen, and L-shaped designs. It’d be wise to use a design planner to experiment with different formats virtually before committing to one.

Invest in Quality Flooring

It beats logic that your kitchen has the latest hardware and a modern layout but lacks the right flooring to finish off the look. This is even more surprising when your kitchen has outdated floors. These are floors made from soft materials such as vinyl or linoleum.

Swap out the feeble flooring for timeless and resilient material such as wood, stone or tile, as they boost your home’s value and kitchen appeal. 

If your wooden kitchen floor seems out of place and doesn’t need professional reconstructing, try repainting it using classic colours instead, such as blue or pale grey, for an improved look. 

Spruce Up Your Kitchen’s Outlook: Paint the Cabinets

When your kitchen remains dull and uninviting despite your numerous attempts to upgrade the items inside, you should consider doing a cabinet repaint job.

Your default choice of colour should go beyond the ceremonial white. Instead, try to add a friendly and warm appeal to your kitchen by choosing a colour that complements your cabinet material.

For example, the combination of black and white offers a sleek and modern feel to your kitchen for wood and metallic cabinets.


Whether you’re looking to improve your home’s market value or satisfy your interior needs consider improving your kitchen. By upgrading different components, you improve your kitchen’s functionality to many roles besides the norm.

Use the above tips to spruce up your kitchen’s outlook and enjoy the benefits of having a multifunctional space.