How a House Move Can Be a Blessing in Disguise

house move

Moving house is one of the most stressful things that you can do in your life. While the future can feel a little uncertain at the moment with all that is going on in UK politics, there are still plenty of people that will want or need to move home. Some people will put it off until they know what is going on with the economy, but some will just want to get on with a house move. We just want to get on with it. Yes folks, we are looking to move house. We are still doing some interior design things here as who knows how long it will take to find the right place but a house move is on the cards for us.

Moving house doesn’t need to be a huge or traumatic life event. There are many benefits to moving, so in actual fact, moving home can be such a good thing. 

Clearing Out the Clutter

When you move home, especially if you haven’t done so for a number of years, you really have to sort through your things to decide what you do or don’t want. There can be many things that will have accumulated in your home or been put in storage that you forget that you ever had. And if you are moving far, such as from the UK to a different country like Ireland, it will make your removals UK to Ireland much more straightforward than if there is a lot less clutter and junk to take with you as well. Moving gives you the chance or motivation to get it all cleared and sorted. This is what I am hoping anyway as we need a massive declutter and sort out session and a house move will get me started on this (mammoth) task.

Move House and Forge New Friendships

When you move to somewhere new, even if it is moving to somewhere not that far from where you were before, it gives you the chance to meet new people and start some new friendships and relationships. You will have new neighbours and new people living locally to you. Of course, you can still keep in touch with everyone else from your previous address, but having new people in your life can be a really good thing. I’m all for meeting new people so for us, this is a plus.

Re-evaluate Life

Moving home is a really unique chance to reflect on your life. A house move can take you out of your comfort zone, which may not feel like a good thing, but in terms of self-development and improvement, it opens doors to new opportunities and some self-reflection. A blank canvas, a new page, a new chapter; a house move offers you all of this and more.

Cheaper Bills

When you move you have an opportunity to reassess your outgoings. Will your rent or mortgage be cheaper, what about your gas and electricity? We saved a fortune the last time we moved as the new house had a new boiler and double glazed windows, plus we moved to a newer, greener energy company. 

In Summary

Moving house can be stressful, expensive and time-consuming. No-one is going to argue with that! What you do need to remember is that there are a lot of good things that come out a house move including new neighbours, a better home layout, a shorter commute, cheaper bills, a big declutter and more. Don’t let the fear of the moving process put you off if a house move is what you really want or need.

Beating Procrastination With Accountability


When it comes to productivity and reaching your goals we are all fabulous at getting right to work every day, never getting distracted, and………. Oh look! Something is happening on Facebook, and I’ve just realised I have one episode of my favourite show on Netflix left. Yes, many of fall foul of the Instant Gratification Monkey. Accountability is one of the best ways to lessen your likelihood of procrastination, to get things done and to achieve your goals.

What is Procrastination

If you want to know more about the Instant Gratification Monkey and procrastination in general, this truly excellent Ted Talk from Tim Urban will make you laugh as well as explain much!

When it comes down to it, most of us have the potential to procrastinate. Some of us excel at it. Procrastination isn’t always necessarily a failure. Some consider it simply a different way of working, and one that is often favoured by creative minds. Whether you see procrastination as a quirk or a pain in the behind, you do sometimes need to overcome it or push past it if you want to get work done on time.

What is Accountability

Accountability is having someone or something (there are apps) that keeps you on track, that gives you a nudge and which prods you when you start to wander off the prescribed task.

Find an Accountability Partner

An Accountability Partner is someone who will check in on you regularly to see how you are getting on. You may also be their accountability partner. It may be someone who you know in “real life” or someone online, perhaps someone from a social media group or similar that you belong to. A Facebook group I belong to, The Freelance Lifestylers, can be a great place to find some accountability when procrastination is taking over and I have deadlines.

Join a Coworking Group

I run a local coworking group which enables a number of freelancers and otherwise self-employed individuals to move away from their office desks and come together to work alongside each other. We work independently but often try and keep each other accountable. A simple “I will get X done by the end of the session” with the knowledge that someone will ask whether it was done can be enough to get it done!

Use An App


Set a timer or use an app. The Pomodoro Technique has an element of accountability as it pushes you to work for the agreed upon 25 mins until it says you can have a break and for how long. There are a number of fabulous accountability apps on the market right now.

Put It Out There

State your intentions to the world. Tell a colleague that you are going to do X, Y and Z by this time and know that they will know if you haven’t. Post it on social media, tell your partner, tell your dog. Whatever works. Sometimes by saying out loud to the universe that you will do something can be one of the best accountability tools of all.

In Summary

We would all like to spend our time looking on our favourite office furniture UK site (because a new desk will match up brilliantly with all the desk porn you found on Pinterest instead of finishing that piece of work) or catching up on massively important work such as sock matching. We all also want to meet our goal, enjoy guilt-free leisure time and get paid. Accountability, having someone or something to keep you on track and make you responsible for something can be an excellent way to combat procrastination and help you move forward.

What are your top tips for beating procrastination?

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