Deciding On A New Home

Deciding On A New Home

Home hunting for a new home is a deeply rational process (until it isn’t). Figuring out if you can afford the home or not is usually one of the first questions you’ll ask yourself. Considering school catchment areas, transport links, crime rates, local shops and services are all statistics and conveniences that you’ll have to consider.

There’s also a hidden layer of decision-making that happens when viewing a potential new home. It’s that gut feeling that tells you ‘yes, I could live here.’ If you don’t have that feeling in your gut, you might as well reject a property, despite having no real ‘valid’ reason to do so. I’ve ignored this gut feeling in the past and lived to regret it.

With all that in mind, consider these questions you might ask yourself before deciding on any new home:

Are There Any Hidden Issues I Need To Know About?

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to select and purchase a home only to realise there is a myriad of issues that could potentially cause a real problem. This is where you might realize that your budget is going to have to be stressed before you can comfortably live in the property. This is why it’s so important to hire a home inspector to ensure everything is in tip-top shape before you move in. It can also be worthwhile to find properties that are pretty much certain to not have hidden issues due to how well they have been constructed, or because of how recent they are. For example, these new homes for sale could potentially help you find something perfect for your needs without the extra headache on top. Whether you are buying or renting, do your research and due diligence in advance!

How Secure Is The New Home?

Your new home needs to be secure. Not all homes have the exact same security needs of course. Some might have strong gates preventing easy access from the street, some might not. Some might have alleyways or avenues between houses that allow a potential trespasser more hidden room to clamber over a fence at night. Considering first how secure the property might be, and how you could potentially improve those security solutions is essential if you hope to protect your home and family as much as they might deserve. I’m not a fan of dark alleyways and so on, therefore, would never choose a property with these as I know I’d end up regretting it down the road.

What’s Going On In The Area?

It could be that late gentrification, the planned build of hundreds of homes nearby, or the construction of a new main road near your potential home all deter you from a certain environment. You might not realise how loud you can hear the traffic until you’ve taken a few viewings. Simply being aware of the local area and how it might influence your property can be the first most important implement to get right here. We nearly took a house on a few years ago but a quick check online showed us that the adjoining property has planning permission pending to convert the property and the outside to make it a B&B. This put us off and we went elsewhere.

With these tips, you’ll be sure to make the wisest home-buying or renting decision.


Papa John’s Pizza Virgins

Papa John’s Pizza Virgins

What do you think will make my children do anything? I mean anything from tidying rooms to doing homework to being silent for a (limited) period of time. Is it screen time? What about pocket money? Do I need to employ The Mum Look? No, I need to dangle the promise of pizza in front of their eyes. We’ve tried many pizza places and restaurants with varying success and next up on our hit list is Papa John’s.

I hadn’t realised until very recently that there was a Papa John’s in Harrogate. In fact, they are all over the place. None of us has ever been, though I’m reliably informed by a friend that it will make all of the other pizzerias pale into insignificance. Now that I know that there is a branch not too far away I’ve been doing my research.

Where Does Papa John’s Come From?

Papa John’s pizza restaurant is a franchise business and was founded in the US. Their headquarters are in Kentucky and according to the internet (what would we do without it?), it is the fourth biggest pizza delivery chain in the whole of the USA. The USA is vast, which makes that a heck of an area and customer base to cover.

What Do They Offer

Let’s face it. There are a lot of pizza shops around. There are cafe’s and restaurants who offer pizza and on top of that, there are hundreds of cook at home options. Why do I think that Papa John’s, therefore, would be a good fit for my family?

From a world of mouth perspective, I’m hearing great things. Really great things! I’m hearing about fresh ingredients, allergies and intolerances catered for, fab staff and clean premises. That’s a darn good start for me.

The Menu

If you pop onto the website and put in your postcode you are directed to your local Papa John’s. We’re planning a day out in Knaresborough soon so nipping into Harrogate which is our nearest one won’t be a hardship. Menus are fairly general in terms of what you can order but I imagine some things might be specific to the place you visit or the place you order from for delivery. The menu items look awesome. There isn’t a children’s menu but there are small pizzas (9.5”) and sides so we could easily customise that to suit our two. To be fair they would probably choose something from the adult menu (hollow legs, I feel a growth spurt coming on).

I’m a bit of an awkward so and so when it comes food. I’m diabetic and dairy free which makes carb-heavy meals and cheese a no go. That’s a pain for someone who loves pizza. Thankfully the vegan menu is pretty good and includes the vegan Sheese® which means that I can have pizza (I don’t have to eat a massive one!), sides (this pleases me) and a pud! There’s a good range of drinks for us all to enjoy so as far as I’m concerned it’s a winner.

What About You?

We are definitely big food fans! What about you? Have you been to a Papa John’s? Are there any special items I should know about? The meal deals look good so I’ll definitely be looking at those. My last question, and it’s an important one. What is your favourite pizza? Mine is ham and pineapple, just so you know.


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