5 Fun Pastimes for Your Kids

5 Fun Pastimes for Your Kids

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyday life in many ways, and the boredom of it all could affect your children if they’re not well occupied most of the time. A recent study revealed that in the UK, the level of children’s well-being is quite low, making it vital for parents to prioritise by creating many family time sessions to support their development. Are you wondering how to keep your kids active and entertained as they have more free time on their hands? Here are a few fun pastimes for your kids to get you started.

5 Fun Pastimes for Your Kids – Painting

Who said one has to be a professional before connecting with their inner artist? Painting is a great way to build up your child’s creativity whilst keeping them occupied. It also gives you the chance to bond with them and show interest in their activities. All you need is some paper, paint, brushes, water, and of course, a sheet for your surfaces so your children can get messy without worrying about any damage. Don’t forget to hang up their work after they’re done, to show them just how proud you are of them.

Dance classes

This is the perfect way to keep your kids healthy and fit whilst letting them do something they enjoy. Platforms like YouTube offer a wide variety of child-friendly dance tutorials to keep your kids entertained. Alternatively, if it’s a home full of boys, you can try ballet for boys to improve their sense of rhythm and meet new people. You can take time off to sometimes join them in their classes, to let them know that you value spending quality time with them.

Cooking – Fun Pastimes for Your Kids

If you’ve noticed a passion for cuisine in your child, cooking together could help them develop their skills whilst giving you and your family some tasty treats. There are simple recipes your kids can try their hands on that won’t require too much time or effort. You can also start by asking them to give you a helping hand when you’re preparing meals; this will be a great way to get to know your child even better as well.


Do you love the environment and want to instil that passion in your child? Gardening is an effective way to do that. Not only will it teach them to treat the environment with love, but it’ll also help them relax and give them a sense of responsibility as they nurture some plants. This could either be done outdoors if you have the space, or you could get a few pot plants to get started indoors.

A Great Activity For All – Reading

Reading is a great way to connect with your child’s imagination whilst teaching them some new words. You could get them an e-reader or go the traditional way with some paperback books, depending on their interests. You can sometimes give it a little twist by reading out loud to them for a change or asking them to come up with their own creative stories. Who knows, you could be raising the next prolific writer! 

The above tips will help keep your kids active, whilst boosting their wellbeing and giving you some memorable family time as well. 


Life’s Most Stressful Moments

Life’s Most Stressful Moments

There is much to love about life. It’s easy to forget that we’re only here once (we assume), and that is pretty special. It’s a gift that we should cherish. However, there’s no denying that life isn’t just one long jaunt through the fields. There are tough moments too, and sooner or later, you’ll have to deal with them. While sometimes there’s no avoiding the fact that you have to go through bad periods, sometimes being aware of them can help to soften the blow.  I look at examples of life’s most stressful moments and offer some tips on how to navigate them as well as possible.

Life’s Most Stressful Moments: Moving Home

We tend to think of moving property as a positive experience, and ultimately, that’s what it’ll hopefully prove to be. However, it’s important to remember that the actual act of moving can be stressful, even if you’re just moving to a house located down the street. There are just so many things to do, and it’s a fact that we’re creatures of habit. Uprooting ourselves and placing ourselves somewhere else can be a challenge, even if we’ll ultimately call it home. To reduce the stress, it’s best to plan as much as you can in advance, and also to embrace the fact that it’s going to be chaotic. This is just something that you can’t control.

To avoid this move hitting your list of life’s most stressful moments make sure you get as much help as you can, be realistic about the mess and the upheaval and give yourself a break from time to time.

Going Through a Divorce

The end of a relationship is never nice. You’ve built something together, and the truth is that even if you know it was the right decision, it takes time to get used to single life. Things become even more complicated when you’re getting a divorce. At that stage, your life is strongly intertwined with the other person, and dealing with all the details can be very stressful, especially if there are children involved. Perhaps the best advice is to do what you have to do, and be patient. You will eventually make it through to the other side.

The Death of a Loved One

Nothing can prepare you for the death of a loved one. Even if you knew it was on the horizon, it’s still the most painful emotional experience that a person can endure. While there’ll always be stress involved, there are things you can do that’ll make things easier to bear. Surrounding yourself with loved ones, allowing yourself to feel all the emotions, working with professional funeral directors to say a proper goodbye will all help. Beyond that, it’s all about trying to put one foot in front of another and having faith that it will pass.

Strongly consider grief counselling for yourself and your family. Not everyone’s journey is the same when it come to grieving and therefore a little help finding the best path forward can make all the difference.

Life’s Most Stressful Moments: Global Events

Sometimes stress comes from our own situation. At other times, it’s because of global situations. The state of the world can get us down in abstract ways, such as the threat of climate change or uncertainty surrounding the economy, at other times in direct ways, such as the coronavirus pandemic. During these times, it’s a good idea to focus on community. Humans have shown we can get through anything when we’re on the same side. 

What would you consider life’s most stressful moments? What tips might you share with others for reducing the stress or moving past the other emotions that come with big life changes?