Fall In Love With The US – Many Already Have

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Millions of people see the US in a different light to other countries. It’s huge, with so many people, and lots of different cultures and languages. Yet, it’s a Western country, where English is the main language and the political system is based on European nations. Some believe that the overall feel of America is that of a modern sophisticated Western nation. Career-wise, the US offers many great opportunities for various professions. For example, if you work in finances, investment firms, and technology, then many believe that the US is the best place in the world to chase your career goals. There are plenty of reasons to fall in love with the US and here are some of them.

Why Fall In Love With The US? You Can Set Up a Business in Just 1 – 4 weeks

Did you know that you can start your own business in 1-4 weeks in America? That is incredibly fast compared to other nations with large economies like Japan and Germany. In some cases, it may only take a few business days to get your company registered, your products or services patented and your logo copyrighted. Something to note about this is, you have to have everything in order. You must fill out the specific forms of your type of business and make sure to have your business model, cash flow statements, investor interest and other additional forms or documents ready. Send it all in and who knows, within a week you could be your own boss.

Many Immigrants Often Fall In Love With The US

There are about 1.1 million immigrants accepted into the US every single year. That number is rising as more and more people are living longer and more tax dollars are needed to support them into old age. You can apply for us citizenship online using this kind of service. But why would you want to apply for this? You get to vote for a start, so you play a role in local and national governance. You also get better tax arrangements for your income and business. There are more opportunities to serve on juries in court cases. Not to mention, you have the right to move wherever you want to in the country, whereas a work visa would limit where you can work and who for.

The Culture is Like No Other

Go down to Nevada, Utah, Arizona and California and you will be met with a wave of Mexican restaurants, festivals and celebrations. Go to the northern states like Wisconsin, Maine and Washington, and you will be among the cold mountains and lakes near the Canadian-American border. There is such richness in the culture, there’s a place where you can fit in. The country is about 3-hours from east to west if you go by plane, so you can have a holiday inside the country and feel like you’re thousands of miles away. It’s just an incredible country.

It should come as no surprise that the US is a country millions of people around the world fall in love with without stepping foot on it’s soil. Can you think of any other reasons why this is so?


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