The Importance of Finding a Top Hairdresser

My hair woes over the years have been well documented, both through my distraught Facebook updates, texts, blogs and via some rather unfortunately timed photographs. I am that girl who gets her cheeks pinched (yes still) by older ladies who tell me they’d have loved natural curls. Thankfully I’m also a well-brought up girl who hasn’t yet told these dears that such hair can be a chuffing nightmare.

Oh the joys of curly hair

Anyone with curly hair will recognise the following woes I have to endure:

* Having to get up and wash my hair every single morning (I wake up looking like a puffball)

* Tears brushing my hair through to get the knots out (this may only be done in the shower with half a bottle of conditioner on

* Having spent hundreds if not thousands of pounds over the years on everything from VO5 Hot Oil to the latest magical frizz busting, curl defining cream, serum, mousse, gel, shampoo……

* Crispy Hair Syndrome – Having crunchy curls thanks to cement grade “extra firm” hold hair mousse in the hope that nothing on my head will move all day. The horror of being away from home, having Crispy Hair Syndrome and making the mistake of leaning back on a chair, breaking up the crisp curl at the back of my head only.

* Being away from home, getting caught in wind and looking like a misshapen microphone until I can get home and re-wash my hair.

Need I go on?

When you have hair like mine, and don’t get me wrong I couldn’t have straight hair now, it needs taking care of properly. I do my bit from home however to keep on top of the bulk it needs to be regularly seen to by a hairdresser.

Ta daa

I’ve been through more hairdressers than I’ve had special hair treatments, purely because (and to be honest), finding one who knows how to deal with my hair, will listen when I tell them that a hairdryer is a monumentally bad idea and who has the skill to thin without using heavy layers or similar has been hard to find. Through extensive trial and error I now use a local lady called Layla who owns a salon around the corner. She is fabulous and has the patience of a saint.

Believe me when I say that finding a hairdresser where you feel comfortable and confident isn’t as easy as it sounds which is why I’m not letting Layla out of my sight. Perhaps if I’d had access to a service such as the one Rock Pamper Scissors offers where searching for a local hairdresser, being able to see prices online and more, I’d have found it easier, quicker and cheaper to find the hairdressing gem I have.

While I might whinge and moan (maybe a little) about my hair woes it is good to know that there are ways to tame it and people to help me do it!

My question for you all today is this: What is the one top hair care product or tip that you just couldn’t manage without?

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