A Stern Telling Off For Warner Brothers Re Dallas

Dallas Season 1 & 2 from Warner Brothers

Dear Warner Brothers

I have a bone to pick with you. Sending me series 1 and 2 of the original Dallas seemed fairly harmless to start with but you knew didn’t you? You knew that I wouldn’t be able to watch the odd episode here and there and would be rooted to the TV screen. You knew that the laundry basket would end up overflowing, the dishes would remain in the sink and the vacuum cleaner would be given a holiday. Why didn’t you warn me?

Yes, I fell for your ploy and abandoned normal life in favour of watching back to back episodes. I had forgotten what an absolute bitch JR could be, how Lucy started off as a right little madam and how Sue-Ellen became increasingly bitter as time went on. I had forgotten about the intrigue and the underhand dealings of the oil business and I had even forgotten Bobby.

Oh Bobby! How could I have forgotten Bobby? With his curly mop and easy smile not to mention his… well anyway. The worst of it all is that I have finished the box-set! (Although have realised there are an oil barrel full of other seasons available on DVD at Amazon, thank goodness!).

Fortunately I am not going to have to wait too long for my next fix as the “New” Dallas which looks set to be another winner airs in the UK tonight (channel 5, 9pm). I can’t wait to see how that all comes together

So, Warner Brothers, you have destroyed my housework routine, and broken my heart again over Bobby Ewing and caused me great distress when I finished the box set. I hope you are pleased with yourself.


Nicki Cawood


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  1. LOVED LOVED LOVE Dallas – can I borrow your set to refresh my memory please? Bring on the overflowing washing basket I say! Did you watch it last night? I am waiting (hey it’s been years, I can wait a few more days!) to watch it with my best friend (high level QC, don’t you know!) – she and I were totally addicted to Dallas and used to do whatever the 1980’s version of whatever we did before Twitter to stay up to date and bitch about the fashion and the story line an, and and… So we are going to have an indulgent ‘DallasFest’ in a couple of weeks when I am in London and staying with her. CAN’T WAIT!! x

  2. Oh I totally agree with you. I recently found Dallas reruns on an old channel and starting recording them daily! Even saw the season when Bobby had died! Watched New Dallas the other evening and I’m hooked already 🙂

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