That’s All Folks! The E-Cloth Clean Green Challenge is Complete!

And what fun I’ve had! I assumed cleaning would be harder but more virtuous! I have tested all of the E-Cloth items sent and reviewed 95% of them. The remaining two items I haven’t written up are the washing-up pad for doing dishes, and the non scratch scouring cloth here. The only reason I haven’t done a full review of them is because they are just as good, economical and easy to use as the other items already reviewed, and I figured you’d be getting sick of reading the same stuff over and over again!

This challenge has really opened my eye to green cleaning. At first glance E-Cloth products look expensive and I think that is why some people dismiss them out of hand. What people don’t see, unless they try them is that they are so durable! I am constantly cleaning, I have three kids (ok one is a husband but stll as messy lol), so my cleaning products and what not get some hammering. I have been very surprised at how well they have fared!

A quick overall round-up…

Cost: The Ecloth products I have reviewed cost between £2.99 – £19.99 (the mop). Replacements ie mop heads are considerably cheaper. I am also not buying as many (if any) detergents / sprays / creams etc as all that is required is water. Natural products such as vinegar, lemon & bic of soda and be used in a variety of ways for extra cleaning oomph.

Durability: Everything washable has been washed, even the mop heads, in the washing machine. Without exception they work as well as they did when I opened the packet.

Ease of Use: I can honestly say that the majority of these products do the job better than what I was using before.

Favourite E-Cloth products: Without a doubt my favourite two are the mop (SO easy to use and it makes doing my floors a doddle!) and the glass and polishing cloth. Glass / mirror cleaning is the bane of my life – not made easier with little fingers all over them!! The glass & polishing cloth has taken the dread out of the task!

Not one of the E-Cloth products but included in the challenge bundle I was sent, the Ecozone washing balls. I love these and have no intention of going back to detergent now.


Could I go completely green, ditch all detergents, and clean forever more with what was sent to me. Sorry folks, but no lol. Child vomit and other such parenting lovelies take some chemical zapping for me, and I need a bit more scent (Roy has banned vinegar from the house as the smell has driven him mad, despite the fact it does disappear after it dries). What this challenge has done is open my eyes to alternatives. I will now continue to use the majority of the E-cloth items as having tried them, can see how well they work and how much money they save in replacements and excess chemical buying.

So a big thanks to those at Ecloth! You can see more of the range on their website, and if you have any questions, why not get in touch with the team on Twitter!


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