The Love Affair Continues – Nokia 3g Booklet Review.

I’ve been a bit quiet on the subject of this review item. Not because I don’t have anything to say, positive or otherwise, but because, well, I don’t want to share it! It’s blumming fantastic!!

After the initial “Wow- isn’t is dinky!” novelty wore off and the feeling that my fingers were far to fat to be able to use a smaller keyboard subsided, I realised that a netbook, such as this one, is most definitely what I need! This review isn’t about technical details such as memory specs etc what or the different components that make it work are- you can find this information easily. This is a basic review from my perspective as a Mum, blogger, and writer. 

I’m going to call the Nokia Nigel for the purpose of this review so:
Key points (for me).

  • Nigel is exceptionally fast to switch on/load up. No more, “I’ll pop the lappy on and make a brew”.
  • Nigel the Nokia has no cd/dvd drive however for what I would use this for ie browsing, blogging, and general internet use, I wouldn’t need one. Despite not having oodles of memory etc or a very superfast processor (so I’m told) this is exceptionally fast browsing-wise, this did surprise me on such a dinky thing.
  • Nigel has plenty of USB ports so you can attach your mouse and other devices as required.
  • Nigel does not have HUGE amounts of memory – but more than adequate for the documents and pics I would have on here – as I transfer the bulk of my photos to flashdrives or save onto a web-based server such as Flickr!
  • Everything works the same way on Nigel as it does my laptop, I haven’t had to alter my browsing techniques etc – I could literally pick it up and start using it. The only difference was that my lappy has Vista and this machine has Windows 7 (I love W7!).
  • The battery life is indeed approx 5.5-6hrs. This includes lots of browsing, shutting down and restarting etc.
  • Nigel is indeed completely portable. Last night he got the ultimate test-out. I took him to Mum & Dad’s house to introduce him (and show him off). I slipped him straight into my handbag and was away, even the charger cable which isnt the big bulky thing I have for my lappy, goes round a reel and is very compact and easy to store.I felt very proud to be whipping out this fab device, ready to explain all the in depth bits and pieces to a captive audience but to be honest… there wasn’t much to show off/explain as it is so self explanatory and easy to use, whilst still being suitably flash and fast. Mum has fallen in love with it, and most definitely sees the advantages of a netbook/booklet such as this over a large laptop. 
In conclusion.
 For me certainly, when it comes to getting a new device (this old Acer lappy is holding on but the old gal will need to be retired at some point in the not too distant future), this would be an ideal choice. It has everything I need, speed, convenience, ease of use and sleek design (I’m a girl you know!) in one package and enables me to do all of the work, daily browsing and online shopping (!) I need whilst at home, out and about, & travelling (I’m a non-driver so can spend a considerable amount of time of public transport), without worrying about carting a case around, or having to charge up every 45 mins! From one parent and work-from-homer to others, I would recommend this device as something you need to look into yourself when it is time for your next purchase as you would definitely be missing out if you don’t.

* If you do now want the in-depth specs etc I’d suggest you have a look at this product here on the Nokia website and you can find the Nokia Facebook here!

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