Kieran’s comment of the day!

Kieran finishes preschool tomorrow then it’s off to “big school” in September.
My little darling had a very interesting take on what the future holds this morning!

Kieran : Mummy, I’m very sad!
Mummy: Why are you sad sweetheart?
Kieran: It’s all gone wrong!
Mummy: What has??
Kieran: Preschool has! It’s not going to be exciting there at all when I leave, everyone will be very bored without me.
Mummy tries to look serious.
Kieran beams and jumps up
Kieran: But it’s ok Mummy- I’m going to take all the excitement to my new classroom at big school and everyone will be very happy there, especially my new teacher that I love lots!
Mummy gives up trying to look serious and starts planning suck up gifts for the new teacher.

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