A Royal Baby Blanket and Home-Start UK

Royal baby knitting 1

I don’t normally write about the Royals and their lives however I’m really quite fond of Kate and Wills and this campaign from Pampers has tickled me a bit.

Pampers are calling for the UK to celebrate the birth of the Royal little Miss or little Mr by sharing their good wishes and support via Twitter (Everyone is on Twitter these days, even the Royals). The hashtag for these messages is #babyblanket and you may leave messages on http://www.pampers.co.uk/babyblanket

Regular readers will know this isn’t my usual type of post however this one is for a very good cause. Pampers will be knitting each of these messages of support into what they hope will become the world’s largest baby blanket which will be composed entirely of best wishes.
For every message included in the blanket Pampers will donate a nappy to the family charity Home-Start UK (and they are hoping to reach a quarter of a million nappies).

While it is unlikely this fabulous baby blanket will find its way into the royal nursery this campaign is a fun and lighthearted way to welcome the new royal baby and future heir to the throne while helping out those families in the UK that really need it. I can’t help but think that Will and Kate would approve of this.

The Pampers record-breaking attempt will be knitted live at Westfield Shopping Centre (Shepherd’s Bush) between 18th and 21st July and will be revealed later this month at a location which is yet to be announced. You may view their progressed on a live stream here: http://www.pampers.co.uk/babyblanket

What is my message to the soon-to-be new parents?

Enjoy every precious second and make many memories that will last you long after baby is out of nappies x