It’s That Nutty Time of Year Again

Between the beginning of November and my last day of work before Christmas (19th December) work cranks up in such a way that it makes my head spin. I love getting my teeth stuck in and ticking item after item off the to-do list, only for it to be replaced with two additional ones, but jeez are these 7 weeks full on!

Thankfully Roy and the boys are utterly fabulous about it. The kids come first obviously but they know that if I need to sneak off on a Saturday to work that it’s because it’s that busy time again and besides, they have great fun with Daddy.

Roy is a superman. He works a minimum of 45 hours a week himself (usually many more) and yet he knows my 70hr+ weeks are fierce and so he does everything he can to smooth things around me. Believe me, when you are drowning in words and can’t remember the last time you slept for more than four hours in a run a surprise cuppa, cuddle and a few words of encouragement are like sunshine on a miserable day.

So why do I do it? Every year I take off three weeks for Christmas. I adore Christmas, it is a magical time and to be honest the promise of those three weeks pretty much gets me through the rest of the busy year. Work is steady all year however winter is a naturally busy (nuts) time work-wise for me though I have to say that those three magical weeks are all the sweeter for it. I work like a daft thing during this period so that I can finish everything, so I can clear the diary and enjoy a wonderful break knowing that my clients are taken care of and everything is in place for the new year.

Why am I writing this post? To explain (not apologise) that I’ll be AWOL for the next few weeks. I won’t be able to meet up for coffee, enjoy long chatty telephone calls with pals, and I might be ever so slightly grumpy on and off.  The free time I do have will be family time and sleeping time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do and wouldn’t change a thing; people just need to know that I’ll be tapping into my inner bitch a little more in the near future 🙂


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Dear So and So – the working edition

Dear Self:

Friday to-do list:

  1. A whole bunch of articles (Need to get a new keyboard)
  2. A few more articles (no really, the old one is tired out)
  3. Email X, Y and Z (don’t get chatting gobby!)
  4. Chase invoices (Get pitchfork sharpened)
  5. See previous to-do list and complete anything not finished (what? It’s half term!)
  6. Stop wasting time writing pretty to do lists and start ticking things off (I like pretty lists, so shoot me)
  7. Finish early and submerge yourself in Lego, art and craft and fun.
    *Start at number 1 and work your way down. Do not start at 7 and work up!

Love her who knows you well x

Dear Self
Discocunt is NOT the same as discount and your client won’t find this as funny (you big child!) as you do.
Likewise, “Assess” and “Asses” are not two words to mix up.
Clearly when working hell for leather spell-check is your friend!

Dear Self
Please remember to curb the urge to end your important work emails with a kiss, even if you do love the client because they pay on time. You may find it sweet, they will think you are an odd-ball.
Love chuckling self x

Dear Self
Searching for “pretty noticeboards” on Google and Pinterest is not the same as “ordering essential office furniture”.
Just saying 🙂

Dear Self
Your official work title is “Freelance Writer and Editor”, not “Freelance Mistress of the Universe”, regardless of what the picture on your noticeboard says.
Love, your eye-rolling self x

Dear Self
When proclaiming that the person you have just spoken to on the phone is a “completely clueless twonk” please ensure that you have actually hung up.

Dear Self
Repeat after me…
“Chewing the end of pens is disgusting and you will end up with a mouthful of ink”
“Chewing the end of pens is disgusting and you will end up with a mouthful of ink”
“Chewing the end of pens is disgusting and you will end up with a mouthful of ink”
Got it?

Dear Self
Remember to pick up some more pens, you are nearly out.
Also, maybe some chewing gum?
Love your blue mouthed self

 Dear Self
Working for yourself really is brilliant isn’t it?
Love, contented self x

Have a great weekend all!

Dear So and So...