A New Blog?

I’ve been tinkering with an idea for a while that I wanted to run past you lovely lot. Curly and Candid starting off being about toddler stuff, then a baby and a boy stuff, and now is about a boy and his toddler brother, food, interior design and random posts like how to prepare your lady garden for a smear test (all very important stuff). Over the past few months the other part of my life, the one that takes up a fair old whack of time but which I do love too has crept more and more into C&C, and that is my work life.

For the few that don’t know, I work from home full time as a freelance writer. There is nothing quite like spending your working time doing something you adore and of¬†course¬†occasionally being able to do it in your PJs! I could write reams about the ins and outs of working from home, being self employed, business and the ups and down of the copywriting world however I’m wondering if C&C is the right place for it?

So tell me folks, should I start a second blog for my writing “stuff” and return C&C back to being purely a lifestyle and family blog or is there room for everything here? Your opinions are much appreciated.

And if I do go for a new blog / website….. What the devil will I call it??

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