We will be adding Polar Express to our Christmas favourites!

This weekend I inherited another child for the weekend, my nephew.  J is 10yrs old and finding activities that suit a 5yr old and a 10yr old and keep them both occupied is no mean feat! I fell back on my old friend, the DVD player for help.

Warner Brothers had sent us Polar Express to review and the timing really couldn’t have been better! Tucked up on Sunday morning in PJ’s and dressing gowns, all snuggled up under a duvet, you could have heard a pin drop when Polar Express came on.

(Click To Enlarge) The boys couldn't take their eyes off the screen!

I hadn’t seen Polar Express before this weekend so wasn’t sure what to expect. What we watched was a magical tale, that did indeed keep the attention of both the 5yr and the 10yrs old (and the 1yr old too for the most part!) with it’s great music, drama and storyline.

I won’t say any more (I wouldn’t want to spoil the story for you!) but needless to say, this is now firmly up there on our favourite Christmas films and I can see it being watched more than once before this festive season is over!.

Thanks Warner Brothers, the boys give this DVD a big…………………..

Thumbs Up!