Setting Up Your Business Website

Setting Up Your Business Website

Nearly all businesses need a website in order to advertise your business as effectively as possible. A good website will be a landing spot for anyone wanting to know more, a marketing tool which you can refer to at all times to anyone who needs it, and a way of selling or advertising the products and services that you offer to customers. It is wise to ensure that the site is as professionally designed and polished as possible, but what are some of the things that you will need to think about to make sure of that? In this post, I’ll mention a few things that might prove to be important if you hope to make your business website work out well. I need to revamp mine so hopefully tell you about setting up your business website will kick me into touch!

A Good Domain Name

First up, you are going to have to make sure that you have the kind of domain name which really works for your business. Of course, ideally, that will be the business’ trading name and a recognisable suffix such as .com or or whatever it might be. You might have to compromise somewhere – or you might find that you are expected to pay quite a lot for a domain name that you don’t necessarily need to have. All in all, you will probably find that you need to shop around a lot before you can hope to end up with a domain name that you will feel is perfect. This work is worth doing though. The right domain name can really make all the difference in the world so choose wisely when setting up your business website.

Top Tip:

When choosing a name make sure that you check out similar ones already live. You don’t necessarily want something that is one letter away from a website you wouldn’t want to be accidentally linked to.

Great Design

Most businesses will look to the professionals when it comes to actually designing their site, for the obvious reason that it means that you can hope for it to be as perfect and polished as you would like. If you are keen to make sure that your website will be as good as possible, spend some time seeking out those who can make that a reality. That might be a quality WordPress design agency, or it could be that you need to ask someone you know who happens to be good at web design. As long as you are sure that it looks professional, then you should be happy for it to be the online public face of your business.

My websites are…. ok. I did them myself, they are functional and they more or less do the job. I know that I either really need to sit down and redo them from scratch or employ someone with more skill (not hard!) to do it for me. 

Setting Up Your Business Website: Be Useful & Informative

When it comes to setting up your business website make sure that you think about the customer first. When you look at your website, ask yourself whether it is the kind of website that your customers are actually going to find useful. They should be able to turn to it to discover information about your business that they need to know, whether that is in the form of a FAQs page or by providing contact information or further information on your products and services. As long as you feel you are providing enough information, you should find that it is doing its job. 

In Conclusion

When it comes to setting up your business website, whether this is a new business or like me you are looking to completely redesign, choose wisely. Choose your domain name wisely, your platform wisely (I’m a WordPress gal through and through) and make sure that it looks great and performs well not only on your laptop but on phones and tablets too.