I adore Autumn, it’s my favourite season. I know so many of you will be shaking your heads, thinking of sandy beaches, sun and ice-cream but for me, Autumn is where it is at.

I love the colours, the reds, oranges, browns and golds, so rich and full of promise. The crisp leaves crackling underfoot makes me smile. Ok, it rains quite a lot and is pretty cold but I don’t mind that either. Autumn means wearing boots (I love boots), and snug, warm jumpers, putting the fire on for the first time and enjoying hot buttered toast and coffee with the curtains closed against the dark evening. I love autumn!

Autumn often has a smokey smell to it too, burning leaves and chimney-pots I expect and I love the fresh cold-cheeked feeling when the rest of you is wrapped up and warm.

Then there is bonfire night – I adore bonfire night! Please note bonfire night is on the 5th of November, it doesn’t start mid October and finish mid November. Yes local people / teenagers with crackers going off at all hours – I’m looking at you! Kieran loves the fireworks and every year the whole town troops down past the racecourse in wellies, gloves and scarves with torches and smile and a great time is had by all. Last year for the first time there were chinese lanterns too and the effect was startling!

So there you go, clearly Autumn is the season for me! What about you, do you love it or loathe it? What would you call your favourite season, and why? (Yes I am this nosy!).