Adults Using Natural Supplements to Enhance Health

Many of you will know that I have challenged myself somewhat to go back to basics when it comes to shopping and cooking. For the main part this for budget reasons as I find it so much cheaper to shop this way and less time consuming. Of course, on top of the financial benefits the health implications are also undeniable.

Recently I’ve been asked to review nutritional supplements for children. I firmly believe that unless there is a very good reason why not that children should get all of the nutrients that they need from their meals and drinks. We eat as healthily as we can, make food fun, try new things and I actively encourage the boys to enjoy helping out in the kitchen. I really do feel that fostering a love of good wholesome food early on is important for on-going health.

Now, *climbs off soapbox*, while I am not keen on supplementing the kid’s diet with pharmaceuticals I do use them myself. Not everything can be sourced from food, certainly not everything an adult needs. I suffer with pcos and have for some time used star flower, a natural supplement to help with symptoms. I have also been known to use other supplements. One that I am strongly considering using is Pycnogenol which amongst other key benefits helps with menstrual related discomfort. This is a supplement which is produced from natural ingredients and is also known, according to scientific research to help with joint health, controlling glucose levels (another pcos related benefit for me as glucose intolerance is a risk for many women with it) and more.

Another supplement I am considering is Omega 7. One of the important benefits of boosting Omega 3 intake is that it aids the suppression of inflammatory substances. I have an ongoing neck pain issue which I believe might help with this issue.

I have many friends who use supplements such as these alongside conventional medications for problems or issues that they might have and have had some decent results myself. I am curious though, what do my readers feel about using supplements (for adults). I’m talking about using naturally sourced ingredients to boost health on a regular basis. I’d be interested to hear what if anything you all use (if that isn’t too personal !).

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*Written in collaboration with the mentioned business yet true to my own thoughts, feelings and experiences.