Send Sprinkles via UNICEF

Last year my  two gorgeous children (with a little help from Daddy) bought me an Inspired Gift from UNICEF which turned out to be a box full of measles vaccinations which were sent to areas that desperately needed them. Being a keen supporter of the work that UNICEF do I was thrilled with this, and you may read more about Inspired Gifts here.

I’m cutting it a little fine to add this as a Mother’s Day feature this year however children in many areas are suffering all year and not just on Mothering Sunday so bear with me. Research shows that the first 1000 days of a child’s life (throughout pregnancy and up until their second birthday) is a critical time in terms of receiving the proper nutrients that they need to go on and thrive (or survive). I’m told that in the first 1000 days of life a child’s physical and mental growth occurs quickly and that their body weight quadruples while the size of their brain actually doubles. Clearly this really is a key time in any child’s life.

Just £3 will make a huge difference
Just £3 will make a huge difference

Sadly many children in developing counties don’t receive the nutrients they need to support this growth therefore UNICEF are working hard to change this. A child that suffers from malnutrition during these early days will be affected for life and will likely never regain the potential for growth and developing good health that they might have had should they have had enough food, water and importantly nutrients.

This Mother’s Day, on your birthday, one Thursday or on a “just because” day if you spend just £3 or if this amount is spent on your behalf you will be able to provide a mother with micronutrient sprinkles to ensure that the basic and much needed vitamins and nutrients a child needs are supplied. I have it on good authority that I will be sending live-saving sprinkles this year and I hope that you feel able to do the same.

Please visit the UNICEF site for more information, to buy or to browse the Inspire Gifts range.
Thanks x