ClothingAtTesco – the saints of school trousers and more

When the lovely and talented Rosie froom Rosie Scribble said she just happened to have a £15 voucher going begging for ClothingAtTesco I nearly bit her arm off for it (don’t worry, I didn’t actually bite her arm off – she was too quick!).

Kieran (5yrs) is tall and skinny, this does not make getting him clothes easy! The only school trousers that fit him are the Tesco ones with the adjustable waist so first on the agenda was an extra pair and some more polo shirts.

Then, because it’s winter now apparently some new PJs were in order because sleeping in  bed shorts just isn’t cozy enough. Finding Toy Story 3 ones for just £5 was brilliant luck as Kieran is a big fan.

Shopping online isn’t very difficult, you point, click, scroll, click, pay and wait for someone to bring everything to your door, but I like to pretend it’s ever so stressful so I can treat myself to something, such as these lovely new slippers.

The total…. £20, (the delivery £0 as Tesco were running an offer for stocking up on uniform which included free P&P, which has now expired).

You really can’t go wrong with all of of that for £20, which was actually £5 after I used my code (Thanks Rosie!). ClothingAtTesco have a huge range of items with prices to suit everyone so why not treat yourself. It’s our first point of call for all things kid-related and nice for the odd treat or two for the grown up wardrobe too.