Could Modular Furniture Be the Answer to My Constantly Evolving Storage Needs

Anyone who follows me across any of my social media channels will no doubt have noticed my quite regular decluttering day announcements. These happen in my house more often than in most others. You see I’m not afraid that anyone here will suddenly be hit by the urge to become a horder; I struggle to find the space to store everything and seem to become regularly overrun by things.

We have a good sized house with two reception room, the boys have their own bedrooms, we have a utility room and a “man den/workshop” which could be used for storage if absolutely needed and yet I find myself filling the house with plastic boxes in a remarkable array of sizes and shapes in a desperate effort to find a home for everything.

I run a business from my home, have two children with a wide range of interests which means they have a large amount of “stuff”, books and nothing seems to have its own place, its own home.

Spotting Room4Interiors recently after they were featured on The Consumer Voice after winning a top customer service award I fell in love. Room4Interiors offer a number of modular furniture options for your bedroom, lounge, office and all of them look as if they could have fallen out of an interior design magazine rather than in one of those furniture catalogues that comes through the post unasked for at annoyingly regular intervals.

My office is in dire need of extra organisation and namely storage and this collection has me practically drooling! I could mix and match sections and set the office up in a way that works perfectly for me, with everything to hand and looking fabulous.

You’ll see now what I mean here about the quality finish this furniture offers. I would happily re-gift my current office concoction of furniture to restart fresh with a Room4Interiors set-up like this.

What about everywhere else though?

The modular bedroom furniture also has me very excited as it would be perfect for Kieran’s room especially, keeping his clothes properly organised and of course drawers and cupboards could be utilised in any way to met his growing storage needs.


The site even offers home accessories, office chairs etc to pull everything together and ensure that everything looks great as well as offers practical solutions.

In truth I’ve always shied away from modular furniture in the past simply because the examples I had seen up until now weren’t solid enough and didn’t look as good as these. I simply wasn’t prepared to pay out to create great storage at the price of having ugly furniture!

I am going to have to make drastic decluttering decisions soon if I don’t find a solution to the ever-growing amount of “stuff” we have in the house and R4I look likely to be my saviour.

My question for all of you today is this: Have you used modular furniture and if so what did you find the best thing about it?