All Inclusive Holidays or Self Catering?

I had this debate with Roy at the weekend and we couldn’t come up with a conclusive argument for either being the “best” choice. It is a difficult one actually (usually I know the answer to such things and am, of course, always right…..).

Pros for Self Catering Holidays

  • Complete control over what we eat.
  • Full control over where we eat.
  • We can also eat when we want as we aren’t restricted to whatever timetable the hotel / accommodation sets (I like the flexibility of this).
  • It is probably cheaper (don’t quote me on this) to shop around and buy food and cook it at your accommodation or make up your own picnics etc (the frugal fan in me likes this).
  • With self catering you can eat in your pjs without scaring people in the dining room.
  • We can keep a closer eye on what the kids eat, as while neither is at all fussy food-wise I’m not sure how they’d cope with some foreign foods, especially when I can’t guarantee to know exactly what they are (assuming the accommodation would provide local dishes?).

Pros for All Inclusive Holidays

  • I don’t have to cook…. At all (this is a big plus).
  • We can eat within the comfort of our complex (etc) without trawling the streets looking for somewhere suitable.
  • I get the impression that having food prepared freshly for you with all inclusive holidays makes life so much easier and possibly healthier than eating at unknown restaurants or street vendors (dependant on where you were?).
  • I also hear all inclusive meals are often buffet style and you can enjoy an all you can eat type of experience (I’m not sure if this is bad or good, I’m going with good though).
  • You know your food and drink in-house is paid for. I have to wonder if we’d choose self-catering because it is cheaper and then spend anyway because the lure of eating out (and not being bothered to shop and cook) is too much.

I suppose which one is for you would depend on where you are going, who you go with and what you have planned for your holiday. If you’ve been away what did you choose, all inclusive or self catering? I could throw half-board into the mix but I guess that would just confuse things! 🙂


What do you think? All in or all out?

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