Scooby-Doo Spooky Games – Review


What is really cool about this dvd is that a statue comes alive and throws arrows and stuff and Shaggy and Scooby make me laugh loads!“, Kieran 6yrs.

Kieran has watched this DVD no fewer than five times in two weeks and still chuckles madly throughout. The DVD runs for 113 minutes and is guaranteed to keep your little ones quiet and amused which has been fantastic during the rainy days we’ve endured this “summer”.

As always Warner Brothers pulled out all the stops when sending out this DVD for review as we received a goodie bag complete with everything we needed to run our own “laff-packed” sport fun. As the weather has been so rubbish we enjoyed indoor sports so moved back all furniture, removed breakables and blew whistles, played hilarious bean bag games and did a sack race (Taylor my 21m old then hid in his sack for the afternoon and played peek-a-boo).

The main feature on  this DVD includes Scooby & Shaggy taking part in the World International Games and without giving too much away, the resulting chaos and laughter of their adventure has had us all in stitches! The rest of the DVD includes episodes that many people enjoyed years ago yet which remains timeless and fun for all ages.

Regardless of whether it is the sporting season,  a rainy summer day or indeed any time, this fabulous DVD will have viewers unable to look away as the plot unfolds and will leave a grin on everybody’s face.

* Warner Brothers sent us this DVD and some fun sporty stuff yet have had no influence on the review. We review as we find as we find that this DVD is “probably the most awesome I’ve watched in ages“. Thanks W Bros!