Summer Salad Recipe 5 – Super Speedy Apetina Pasta Salad

As a family we love to go off and explore, whenever the weather allows that is, and a picnic plays a large part in our plans. As experienced picnic lovers we have moved past the soggy sandwich stage and enjoy a variety of delicious salads and pastas while we are out and about.

When I was challenged to make something delicious using Apetina cheese I was more than happy to accept. Having never used Apetina previously I had to first decide which variety I wanted to use. As my local supermarket had two different, and very reasonably priced types in stock I did of course have to buy both.

Apetina Classic & Apetina with sun-dried tomato and herb oil

This is my simple summer picnic Apetina recipe, Summer Salad Recipe 5 – Super Speedy Apetina Pasta Salad


Super speedy pasta

This recipe is a throw together recipe and quantities depend on how many people you aim to feed.


Dried pasta shapes

Sliced cooked chicken

Apetina Classic

Apetina in a herb and sundried tomato oil



Lemon juice

Black pepper


Cook the pasta and cool.

Finely chop the tomatoes and cucumber.

Mix the sliced cooked chicken breast, cucumber, tomato in a large bowl with the drained cold pasta.

Drain the Apetina cheeses and mix through the pasta salad.

Add lemon juice and black pepper to taste.

*Warning: do not open to Apetina packets until you are ready to add to the salad. If you do, you will be unable to resist picking at the delicious cheese, leaving less for the picnic!


This as versatile recipe that can be thrown together at a moment’s notice, which is perfect for unplanned days out. You can add a variety of chopped vegetables and salald items such as peppers and spring onions as required. Chopped hard boiled eggs really bulk this picnic feast out to fill even the hungriest of picnic lovers.

Fans of Apetina and those who just love to try new recipes can pop over to the Apetina Facebook page to view a variety of cheesy salads. All visitors who vote for their favourite recipe (mine obviously is simply delicious) will be entered into a prize draw to win a picnic hamper (complete with salad bowl and servers as well as a dressing botlle). During the final week of the draw the prize will be for a new BBQ.

For more information on Apetina and the ranges visit the website.

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