This Time

I am rejoining Slimming World. Again.

I have been going to SW on and off for 13yrs. I’ve had some successes, I’ve had times when I seemed to do one on and one off and one on and one off for months however that means I’ve controlled my weigh and not got bigger.
I’ve enjoyed a real giggle at class and real frustration when the weight hasn’t always fallen off me when I wanted it to or as fast as I wanted it to.

I gave up back in March as the group clashed with a work commitment I couldn’t get out of. I planned to do it at home but of course without that almost fear-factor that comes with standing on the scales and the support of the group I gained everything I’d lost and found a few extra pounds too. Right now I am heavier than I have ever been.

Will this time be different? I think it might. I’ve got to the stage when I’ve realised that trying to look like I did when I was eighteen when I have two children and a totally different lifestyle to back then is not likely to happen and have set realistic goals instead. This time may be different, it may not but I’m ready, motivated and bloody determined to succeed this time. My first weigh in after a week back on the plan will be on Monday night so fingers crossed!

SW Lunch.