Kieran’s Quotes

Mummy – It’s nearly Easter now – Jesus who died is going to wake up! Will Charlie & Lola come back too?”.

Charlie and Lola are our sadly departed goldfish.


Mummy, who is that bad man who is nasty to everyone? With the mean looking face? Madgaffi?” <Not far off!

Do you mean Colonel Gaddafi Kieran?

YES – the nasty man! Why is nasty to his people?”.

I don’t know Kieran. Sometimes people are just not nice, which is a shame.

Could Miss P sort him out? She tells all the children off when they are naughty

SNORT – No Kieran, Colonel Gaddafi lives a very long way away.

So could he come to Yorkshire?”


He should. If he did I would show him how to share and be nice to people“.

*Kieran VS Gaddafi – I suspect Kieran would win. Gaddafi would surrender after 20 minutes of 4yr old questioning!


“Mummy – When the baby comes out of your bottom will he be all covered in squishy poo?”

*Obviously this was referred to Daddy*


Mummy – when I grow up, will I be your husband?

No sweetheart, you will still be my son, only you will be my big boy!

But I want to be your husband!”

I already have a husband though, Daddy is my Husband.


Yes Kieran?

You have been very naughty!

Why is that Kieran?

You have been Mummy’s Husband and I want to marry her when I grow up!

Ahh but you can’t marry your Mummy, you need to find someone else you love to marry. Besides, Mummy already has a Husband.


Yes Kieran?

You need to learn how to share!” Scowl, turn heel, stride off looking like an angry dwarf.