Making Extra Pennies via Qmee

Giving up a very good job in the health and social care sector to go self employed when I had Kieran meant that budgeting (very) tightly was essential for a while. The frugal habits and ways of making things stretch I used then I still use today, despite the business being well established.

I don’t see any reason to change these habits, especially as I get a lot of satisfaction out of it. Even better, if I can beat my budget and come in under my allotted amount for any given thing the rest gets to go into savings and on treats.

One of the things that I found quite amazing early on was how you could make money fairly easily online with very little effort. I’m not talking about hundreds of pounds overnight but enough to make a difference. One of the ways I do this is via Qmee (this is my referral link).


Qmee couldn’t be easier to use. You simply search on Ebay, Amazon and of course Google and the Google Chrome extension throws up extra results for you to view based on what you’ve searched. If you want to click on these extra pennies are added into your Qmee account. It is as simple as that. With some clicks being as much as 9p it does soon add up and while you don’t get extra search results on everything those that you do tend to be very relevant to what you’re searching for.



Getting your hands on your pennies couldn’t be easier either as checkout is via PayPal and is instant. I’ve used Qmee for a while just for general browsing and have checked out several times.

Have a read of their T&Cs and have a play with the site to see what you think, it might be the easiest way you’ve made a little extra yet, perfect for adding to Christmas savings, your monthly spends or savings.


*This post contains my referral link to Qmee. If you use the site and checkout into PayPal at some point I get 50p added to my balance. You will also have a referral link to share once you’ve signed up.