Say thank you to Mum & win with P&G UK

Kieran, if you were me for a day what would you do?

I’d do the same as you Mummy. I’d play on the computer and play with Taylor and do the cooking then I’d play with my DS and Hot Wheels“.

(Only in my wildest dreams do I have a day like this).

What other things do you think I do in the daytime?“.

Well you go to Tesco and the washing and stuff when I’m at school. Do you watch TV too?“.

Bless his little beautifully washed and dried cotton socks.

Does anyone else have a day that includes any or all of these?

Working full time, taking care of one or more child, school runs, shopping, housework, household accounts / bill paying, helping out at school…..

My day includes this and more and my job title is Mum. And I wouldn’t change a thing. I know people who do all of this and more, and they amaze me. Being a Mum can be the best (and probably the worst paid job) that a person can do. Personally I get so much satisfaction from looking after my family and the home as well as working and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The lovelies and P&G recognise how much Mum (and Dad!) does and have launched a fantastic YouTube competition (click on the London Olympic Games tab)  in which you can say “Thank You” to your Mum by uploading a message in either text, photo or those who are more media savvy, video. All messages / entries will be entered into a competition to win tickets to the Olympics!

The prize is a family ticket (for four people) and could be for an event such as the 100m final or the opening ceremony!

I am one of six siblings and as a Mum of two myself I now know just how much my own Mum must have been doing unseen to keep everything going, let alone all of the other wonderful things she did (and continues to do!) for us all. I’ll have to think very carefully of how to work my Thank You message!

It’s so easy to enter, just click on the London Olympic Games tab and follow the on screen instructions.

Good luck all (and thanks again Mum!).