Has Britain gone to the dogs?


photo by Arthur Guy via PhotoRee

It would seem so wouldn’t?

Riots, the economy, the state of our armed forces that are being cut regularly, political scandals and more. The UK hasn’t had good press the last few years has it? Unemployment levels are at a record high, the housing market is in a state and British weather, lets face it, is rubbish!

Is it time to pack up and leave for more prosperous and possibly warmer climates? Some have already decided to leave the UK and start again elsewhere.

Would I consider emigrating and starting fresh? Absolutely not and here is why. Britain is struggling a bit but she’s ours and I’m proud, despite recent and well documented events, to be called a Brit. We have some great things here that get forgotten in the presence of not-so happy times. The NHS for one. Yes they are understaffed and the system isn’t perfect, but who else can boast that they have access to free and quality healthcare 24hrs a day? The NHS has been a godsend for me and my family on several occasions.

Our armed Forces, police service, firefighters and other emergency services do an absolutely stellar job. The Riots were a terrible time for all but were a shining example of how our boys and girls in blue can really pull it together.

The community spirit you see on a daily basis, not just the publicised times such as, again, the riots or during floods, can be heart-warming. Down at the core we have what is important.

The riots, so fresh in my mind are an easy example, and the opinions that our youth is damned, they they are “all” less than they should be saddened me. The majority of Britain’s youths were not involved in rioting, we have not got a damaged generation that will bring our country to it’s knees in a few years. There are shining examples everywhere of fantastic undertakings from our younger society members. Don’t write them off just yet!

Are we¬†irreparably damaged? No, I don’t think so.¬†Despite our troubles we are much better off than many countries and if you look back at history we’ve risen and fallen over time but have always picked ourselves up as a country, dusted ourselves down and soldiered on. Yes change needs to happen, and little by little it will, although possibly not as quickly as we’d like, but we’ll get there again. We don’t have a great empire anymore, we don’t own half our natural resources anymore but we do have something very special that no-one can sell on, our pride.

It’s called Great Britain for a start folks and I for one am proud to call myself a Brit.