The Recyclometer and the Plant Bottle

That all sounds very Sci-Fi doesn’t it?

This isn’t however an alien mining colony but another two ways that Coca-Cola are making advances in their on-going quest to save the world. Dramatics aside, Coca-Cola have strived over many years to beome increasingly environmentally savvy and the recyclometer and plant bottle are great examples of how they have succeeded.

The Recyclometer. The Recyclometer is an online tool and information source, produced in collaberation with WRAP (working together for a world without waste). With just a few clicks you can see how much energy you could save as a household by recycling everyday household waste.

I could type for hours about the wealth of easy to find and use info in the Recyclometer, from local services to handy tips. The best idea is for you to have a look yourself.  Kieran (5yrs) loves the site and is very keen on recycling, together we have explored and have already found just a few extra ways to reduce waste and save energy.

The Plant Bottle.

Coca-Cola have now launched their new packaging, the PlantBottle. The PlantBottle is made with up to 22.5% plant based material and up to 25% recycled PET plastic. This makes it 100% recyclable. The launch has been part of Coca-Cola’s journey to create a genuinely sustainable bottle. More than 200 million PlantBottle packages will hit the UK shelves this year.

Coca-Cola have also launched the Coca-Cola Recycle Zones – you can read more about these here. You can actually search to find your nearest zone.

In the past, whenever I’ve thought of Coca-Cola I thought of great taste, red labels, the Coca-Cola Santa and Christmas Truck adverts which for many signal the beginning of the “real” Xmas season. Now I think of them of an environmentally concious company that are willing to go the extra mile.

To read more about what Coca-Cola are doing as a global company to make real changes visit the environment section of the website and make sure you explore the Recyclometer. Little changes can make a huge difference.

*This is not a sponsored posts. I did receive a PlantBottle of Coca-Cola to look at and a (gorgeous) umbrella made from recycled goods after doing some work previously with Coca-Cola but am posting about this purely because I am impressed with the changes Coca-Cola are making and rate both the PlantBottle and Recyclometer personally.