Review: Baby's First Calendar- ideal gift!

When Mr Postie brought me this package I was chuffed. Then I opened it, and went from chuffed to thrilled. It is gorgeous!

None of the sappy pale colours you get with some newborn gifts, this bright modern and quite frankly gorgeous design will fit in any nursery.

And it has owls! I have a thing about owls!

This calendar is A1 (59cm x 84cm), which is a good size but doesnt take over the nursery. I love this calendar because it is a permanent and visual record of all the many milestones and key events that take place during your baby’s first year.

For me the biggest plus point is that is easy! So easy that my four year old can use it….. and does! Kieran has been my baby for such a long time and when Taylor arrived I was a little worried about how he would feel, despite all the preparation. I needn’t have worried, as he has taken to being a big brother like a duck to water. It is Kieran’s “job” to help me record Taylor’s milestones and he loves the bright stickers, and oh so carefully placing them in the right places. When a friend visited recently he thoroughly enjoyed showing off “Taylor’s calendar that I look after”. How lovely for him to have this Big Boy/ Big Brother responsibility!

There are plenty of stickers for the usual events, first jab, first word etc but each day is a blank square that can be written on, personalising this calendar further. In addition to this there are spaces for you to put your own two photos and I think I will eventually have a newborn picture and a picture of Taylor at the end of his first year.

Such a unique and fun way to preserve these first precious months (which go so fast!) and at just £15 it is an absolutely perfect gift for new parents.

You can tell this product was designed and produced by parents as there is everything there that a parent with a new baby could want/need.

Importantly, the calendar incorporates a room thermometer and the Baby’s First Calendar website has some fantastic information from the FSID (The Foundation for the Study or Infant Deaths) on safe sleeping.

I really do love this product and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others, or buy it myself as a gift for others.

For more information and to purchase visit the Baby’s First Calendar website.