Creative Fun Advice for A Cack-Handed Crafter

I was told at school that everyone should take a creative subject for their exams but that in my case they’d consider making an exception (a true story!). You could say that when it came to art classes or indeed doing anything  similar like textiles I was all thumbs and had limited imagination (or interest). I was all for the written word, the science equations and what not and didn’t feel any loss, not being a particularly arty student.

All of this changed when I had the boys which opened the door to arts and crafts in a way that means that I am the first one to hit Pinterest looking for our next paper challenge or YouTube for fun tutorials. Crafts with children is something else completely and watching the youngsters build something with a few basic materials and a bucket full of imagination is simply amazing.

Now slightly (!) older than I was when I was at school my focus has shifted somewhat when it comes to being creative simply to have fun. Many of my readers, Facebook friends and “real life” people have also discovered the love of paper craft especially now that they are older. Scrapbooking seems very popular, decoupage is often featured across my social media network and I have one contact who is quite simply a whizz when it comes to origami.

Paper craft really is something that you may enjoy no matter what age you are it seems and it is most definitely something I’m going to try my hand at a little more. I’ve mastered the art of cutting (with little people scissors now and big girl ones) and can use a glue stick like a professional. My question for you all today is this: If you are a paper crafter, what kind of projects do you undertake? I’m looking for something not too difficult, possibly something I can do with the boys and most definitely something which involves lots of colours! Paper craft I can incorporate into my love of all things interior design related would be even better.

Something like this looks manageable?

I’ve chosen paper craft as my creative block challenge firstly because I want to prove my art teacher wrong, and secondly because as far as craft goes it is most definitely one of the more affordable hobbies. I’ve found a range of different paper and card products online from (on Facebook here) which I can use for both work and for fun and bits and pieces like glue and tape cost very little at all.

Share your crafty insights with me and point me in the right direction for projects which even cack-handed crafting-wannabes like me can’t botch!



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