Blogging – What makes you tingle?

During the Blogger-Fail, all over Twitter have been cries of outrage, irritation, dismay at the thought of losing content. I can’t say I blame them, I’d be horrified if I thought some or all of C&C could disappear (and be somewhat pissed off I imagine too!).

No-one’s cries hit my ears harder though than J’s. J is a friend of mine who set up a blog on Thursday night. She’s never had a blog before but long since wanted a way to record and share the trial and tribulations that go with being a single mum AND being a Corporal in the British Army! Life smacked her around the back of the head a few years ago and life went from a joyride, to the most terrifying rollercoaster imaginable, but all is calm again and she is enjoying life with her gorgeous daughter, whilst building a future for them both. Her excitement at seeing the blog live and her first post up there was so touching, more so when she had that eyelash in her eye that made her look like she’d welled up. This was what she had needed, an outlet. A way to put everything together, for herself and her daughter and, being the person she is, to share with others who might find themselves in similar situations.

THIS is what blogging is. I am firmly in the “blog for the reasons you want to, blog how you want to” camp, but this was a shining example of someone really getting a kick out of just seeing what they’d written “published”.

I could tell she’s caught the bug when I received these amongst numerous other texts today.

“Urm, I can’t log in to Blogger. It say the blog isn’t there anymore!!!!”

“How long will it be down for?”

“It’s a good job I’m new else there would be a lot of disappointed followers lol”

“Urm, It’s still saying blog not found?”

“I can wait I suppose, I have had so many ideas for what I want to post about. You’ve created a monster”.

These were a select few. For J, the love is seeing it all in black and write, the achievement almost of getting it out there. I love that. She isn’t ready to share with everyone the blog, wanting to go get a few more bits and pieces on first, but when she does, it’ll be well worth the wait!

What makes you tingle about blogging, do you still tingle? Is it that someone has taken the time to comment, is it seeing your blog move up the rankings? Is it seeing how many people visited last week?

For me, I still get that buzz when I know I’ve written something good and I see the words “Post Published”, it’s out there, it’s live, and where it will go, who it will touch, I have no idea. I love that feeling! So come on then, tell me about YOUR tingle!