Spring / Summer Wardrobe Woes

Did you see it? Did you see the sun? It was that big ball of light which actually meant that I could go out yesterday and wear less than six layers? The kids took their coats off and played outside for hours. I’d forgotten what all of that felt like.  I’ve also forgotten how to build a balanced and feminine wardrobe fit for the season it seems.

It you visit my wardrobe now you will find jeans, lots of jeans in fact in a wide range of sizes (only two pairs currently fit), a pair of pull on black trousers (which seem to be too long, have I shrunk?) and an assortment of slouchy and sloppy jumpers. Clearly there is a problem here.

I have fallen into the trap of not bothering when it comes to dressing up. Don’t get me wrong, everything is clean and tidy and occasionally I even put a pair of earrings in (really!). As I work from home and my usual outings are mostly limited to Tesco, Lidl, Boots and the school run I’ve stopped making the effort.

Having enjoyed the big ball of sun yesterday I’ve started thinking about summer (or warmer days as we aren’t guaranteed to actually get a summer). I’ve always hated summer in the past as someone who is plus-sized as I’ve always sweltered under clothes that cover me up however having lost a little weight and continue to lose slowly I’ve decided that this year I won’t wear jeans, boots and long-sleeved plain outfits all summer, I’m going to bite the bullet and breathe some life into my clothing collection.

I’m unlikely to be wearing ball dresses or a short skirt and perky strappy top anytime soon (the last time I wore a dress was my wedding day) however I do need to find some key pieces to get me started. A few more stones off and perhaps I will be enjoying maxi dresses and the like but perhaps not this year, as gorgeous as some of the current styles are. I will even try and use some colour rather than my trademark grey, dark grey, black, navy or dark brown colours.

Clearly I am not a fashionista so have to ask, if you were starting your spring/summer wardrobe from fresh what five pieces would have to buy? After so long in the jeans and t-shirts I’m in need of a little inspiration!

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