Did you have anything to do with the NCT (National Childbirth Trust) when you were pregnant or a new mum? Don’t get excited, I’m not pregnant nor do I plan to be (that ship has sailed as after many struggles I now have two lovely boys and don’t feel the need to add to our number).

I am however surrounded by pregnant people (they are everywhere – be careful of drinking the local water folks!) and I’m thrilled for each and every one. Talking about babies is great, I get to share my “expert” knowledge as a Mum of two boys, eventually getting lots of baby cuddles and I can give these beautiful bundles of joy back when visiting time is over. Despite being a so-called experienced mother when asked the other day about the NCT I didn’t have a lot to say about them because I haven’t had a lot to do with them.

From the look of their website they sound like a fantastic support resource and yet despite having a strong branch locally  I never really got involved, other than attend the nearly new sales. I do have to take a minute to elaborate on the sales. These are not baby and toddler related jumble sales, far from it in fact. They are well organised and run sales where members of the NCT and others sell their no-longer needed items. No tat here, everything is generally great quality and very reasonable. From prams and pushchairs to linens and toys there is something here. Our best buy was for Kieran – £7 for a Megabloks table with two little stools and drawers full of blocks – brilliant! Do check out your local sale.

I’m aware that the website has a wealth of information available and all the opportunity to buy items through them which helps with their own fundraising. There is a dedicated section for Baby Carriers for example where you may browse and buy or have a look at their baby wearing guide.

Similarly there are sections on the best nursing tops, maternity nightwear, baby cribs, nursing bras and Nursing Bras too. The website is definitely a great resource and I’ve browsed it myself however I don’t have any experience of the local group to share with my pregnant family and friends.

I know that in some areas they run ante-natal groups (no offense to my local health team who were by and large fantastic but the NHS antenatal classes I attended when I was pregnant with my eldest are best remembered for the hard chairs) and that there are opportunities for meet and greets, play dates and all sorts. I’ve seen posters up about many of these events however obviously I’m past that stage now and having not “had a go” back when, I know little about them.

Were or are you a member of the NCT? What experiences are you able to share about the practical aspects of their support? I’m trying to glean first hand info for my pregnant buddies however I’m guessing this post might help others too.

Such a cute stage!
Such a cute stage!

*Written in collaboration with the mentioned business or organisation yet true to my thoughts, feelings and experiences.