Mother’s Day Our Way

mother's day, Lucy White Photography, Nicki CawoodMother’s Day means different things to different people. Our family doesn’t do St Valentine’s Day as a rule but Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are big hitters for us. Also Chinese New Year but then who doesn’t love a Chinese fakeaway meal and watching the family struggle with chopsticks? We don’t go OTT but always have some fun. At the end of the day MD is just one day as we try to teach the boys to be kind and considerate all year round, to everyone. That said, I’m not above being treated like a queen for a day.

Anyhow, this piece is all about the different types of Mother’s Day traditions we’ve enjoyed over the years.

Yes I Have a Mother’s Day Lie In

I am a natural early riser. 4am natural. Ok, that’s not natural or normal at all but that’s just me. I get up, come down, work if it’s a work day, read or browse or watch something if it isn’t. That works well for me until about 8am when sometimes I’d just like to crawl back into bed for a bit. Not so much to sleep but to chill and lie down, so that’s what I do on Mother’s Day.

I get up and enjoy a few quality hours all to myself while I can then go back up for a lie in. Last year I binge-watched Grey’s Anatomy for a few hours, the year before I enjoyed a book in peace. This year? Who knows!?

It Depends on the Weather

We like to go out on Mother’s Day but it depends on the weather. At the end of March it could be snowy or a heatwave, so we try not to plan too far in advance. If we do go out for the day it’s a cheap and cheerful experience. We either opt for a fab local walk (about 4 miles or so) or head up to Dalby Forest for a Forestry Commission walk. You pay by car and all of that money goes to preserving the walkways and maintaining the forest so we don’t mind the small contribution at all!

If it’s raining we go for a PJ day, board games (we’re D&D players or go for a board game such as Pandemic), movies and just generally all hanging around together. Roy and the boys take it in turns to bring me food and drinks. It works well for me.

Food, Glorious Food

I’m a big fan of food. I’ve never met a menu I don’t like and yet thanks to diabetes and IBS I have to be super careful about what I eat. This means no slabs of festive cake or similar. Roy and the boys have been fantastic at making super healthy yet super tasty treats for me. I love that they make the extra effort without thinking about it (all year, not just on Mother’s Day). Taylor has decided that when we move in April he is going to grow me lots of tomatoes and veggies for my special salads. I can have the odd sweet treat though, and they usually find me something!

Mother’s Day Gifts and Things

We do not go mad on gifts and treats at Mother’s Day. I usually get something homemade from the boys, Taylor’s made at school and Kieran’s something Star-Trek related that he’s drawn for me (we are such geeks). The boys do like to buy me something though so Roy usually takes them to Card Factory in town or similar so that they can spend a just a few pounds on a few fab and cute gifts and treats for me. They are always so proud of themselves when they watch me make a big deal of opening them up. I love it!

If Mother’s Day is a thing in your house, what do you do? Do you splash out on big gifts, do you enjoy breakfast made/burnt by your eager children or is it an opportunity to do something quirky? I’d love to hear!

My Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I’ve already been send a ridiculous amount of press releases for Mother’s Day gift ideas however I decided that instead of copy and pasting these (not my style) I would share with you some of the gift ideas that I’ve come across myself which may be of use for those of you looking for inspiration.

Inspired Gifts from Unicef

Last year I did some work with Unicef and it certainly opened my eyes to the suffering that is out there and the huge amount that UNICEF do to help. Some of you may remember this post where I explained how my Mother’s Day gift from the boys last year was 100 injections (to be sent to those who needed them, not for me!). This year I will be getting a similar gift from the Inspired Gift range and can’t wait to get my card which tells me what it is.

If you are stumped for an original idea or want to do something more meaningful this year, here it is.

Unicef inspired gifts


Gifts from Diva Debs

I know Diva Debs well. She is a first class nutter (and well known for it) however what not everyone has realised is how talented she is in the kitchen. I received a “just because” present from Debs recently that just happened to arrive at the end of a crappy week which really did make me smile.

Handbaked and decorated biscuits in a gorgeous cup, all wrapped up and looking lovely
Handbaked and decorated biscuits in a gorgeous cup, all wrapped up and looking lovely

2013-02-07 13.57.06

Luckily for all of you who don’t know Diva Debs, you can order these fabulous gifts to be sent anywhere around the UK to give to your Mum or Grandma for Mother’s Day.
To find out more about Debs and her wonderful tasty treats (these are just an example of what the lovely lady makes!) visit her Facebook page and her website.

Handmade Gifts and Treats from Precious Parcels

My lovely friend Natalie has just released her Mother’s Day range and as a big fan of all things Precious Parcels-like I thought that I would share a few with you.

This lovely hanging set of mauve blocks is a bit different and may be personalised to suit the person who is receiving the gift. Three letters (the end heart blocks are included) cost just £12. To be honest, having seen these in “real life” I don’t think the picture does them justice as they truly are gorgeous.

This lovely personalised gift is just £9.95 and is a gift that will last a lot longer than chocolates or flowers.

Have browse through the range and keep an eye on the Precious Parcels Facebook page for any new products and updates.

These would be my top choices for Mother’s Day because they are a bit different yet fabulous in their own way. If you are looking for something new and unique then here is the place to start.

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