Don’t Plan, Do (and make money)

*A sponsored post that could help you make money from your clutter!

As most of you know I don’t hold with New Year resolutions. I start out with good intentions and by the end of January have abandoned my list altogether. Instead nowadays I set my mind on what I want to do and just go for it.

We moved in October last year and this meant having a huge clear out of DVDs, CDs and games which of course helped with the pre-move declutter and also made us some money. My goal for the first quarter of 2013 is continue in much the same way, making money from my clutter (there is still plenty of it lurking in cupboards and the Man Den / workshop that needs sorting).

In our house I am a keen declutter bug. If it hasn’t been used for six months or seen for longer then the chances are that it will be sold, recycled or put on Freecycle so that others might benefit from it. Roy however, while not quite what you would consider a hoarder is less likely to get rid on the basis of “it might come in handy later”. Personally I’m not sure we need 36 assorted cables, many of them duplicates “just in case” but I might be missing the point.

The way we have got past our difference of opinion on decluttering boils down to the fact that we can make money on it. When we moved Roy inherited a 16ft x 14ft workshop and has big plans for it, these plans cost money of course. I also have my eye on a new suite so a few extra pounds coming in here and there with the minimum of effort works well for us both.

I haven’t time for Ebay (or their fees), it is the wrong time of year for car boot sales and other alternatives are either costly, which makes the whole money making exercise pointless, or a pain to organise. We still have games, CDs and what not to get rid of and having done very well with Music Magpie in the past will be looking to them again. We want to sell a mobile phone, get rid of games that Roy and the boys have got bored with and I see from the site that I can even send them clothing (I have plenty of clothing which is too big now I’m slimming down that I have no intention of ever fitting into again) so it appears we can get rid of all our our unwanteds all at once.

Music Magpie
One of our previous declutter sessions with MusicMagpie earned us £58.16.

We are on a mission to get this new home the way we want it, fill it with beautiful things and are determined to do it without spending a fortune and to declutter and cash in along the way to give us more spending money to play with. Having used Music Magpie several times I wouldn’t hesitate to to recommend them.