My Latest Degustabox Review and a Code For You

As you’ll have seen from my previous Degustabox review, I am pretty taken with the idea of receiving a box full of goodies to try out. The beauty of Degustabox for me has been that with each box I have discovered new brands which I’ve enjoyed and have gone on to use again.

March Degustabox

This box came crammed with products from MOMA!, Shaken Udder, Mexican Dave, Organico, Drink Me, Tyrrells, Schwartz. My favourites from this box have to be the Schwartz Flavour Shots and the Organico Wholewheat pasta and tomato sauce. Roy and the boys really stepped up this month (no hardship, trust me!) when it came to helping me test the Moma Porridge, the Tyrrells popcorn, the nachos from Mexican Dave and the Shaken Udder flavoured milk drinks. The Shaken Udder drinks (two of which went to school in packed lunch boxes) got rave reviews as did the rest of the man-tested snacks and foods (the MOMA! porridge was apparently particularly filling).

None of us like Chai Latte’s etc so rather than waste this item I shared the Degustabox love with my friend Clare who’s opinion was that the first thing she tasted was cinnamon however overall the items from Drink Me were extremely pleasant. She wouldn’t have gone out and bought these herself as she wouldn’t have thought she would like them however now she just might!

The Organico range was a clear winner for us. A lot of our foods are wholemeal or wholewheat anyway so the pasta was always going to be popular. The sauce however… a real superstar product. To most a tomato / pasta sauce is a bog standard sauce and I usually agree, making my own nine times out of ten. This sauce however is something special and I am desperately trying to source some locally so I can stock up!

The boys certainly enjoyed it!

The Schwartz Flavour Shots are my absolute favourite, so versatile, so easy to use and so full of flavour!

Eat of the Flavour Shots come with a recipe to follow however I like to do my own thing. This was one of those throw together meals using the Italian Creamy Herb Tagliatelli Flavour Shot with spring onions, mushrooms and chicken. The flavours over not overpowering yet really do pack a punch! We’ve had several cobbled together meals as well as those that come with the Shots and none have disappointed.

Needless to say the latest Degusta box has been a huge success and we look forward to trying out new ones in the future.
To try a box out yourself register on the  Degustabox website and use the £3 off code 7FKXS.  Make sure you keep an eye on the Facebook page or if you are a tweeter the Twitter account for  news and offers.