Visiting Our Capital City

I’ve never been to London and Roy hasn’t either. Considering we are such keen historians ourselves (and Kieran the 7yr old looks set to be the same) it is surprising we haven’t made the effort before now. Our aim in the next year or so (hopefully the next year!) is to take a trip down to London as a family for a long weekend.

I want to see the Palace, I want to see the shops, I want to visit the infamous food markets (it might be worth us going self catering if we are gong to be buying bags of yummy food unless we want to transport them all home!), I want to see and do everything and I want to share the experience with the whole family.

I know there are many sides to London and to explore these I think Roy and I would visit again on our own. I like the idea of the little hidden pockets, the side streets filled with wonderful little shops and more however the first time around….. we will be tourists (bum-bags and all!) and will be doing what tourists do.

Being the frugal family that we are we will probably use Tesco vouchers to pay for our train journey and possibly a Travelodge somewhere if we don’t find a discounted self accomodation place we can travel to and from. We’ll get travel cards, a London Pass and take packed lunches everywhere. Actually I’m quite looking forward to the idea of it all. You may well see a post in the future titled “Doing the Tourist Thing in London on a Budget” 🙂

My question for you all today is this: Where is the must-visit place for families doing the tourist thing in London? Kieran will tell you it is the London Zoo, Roy the Tower, myself anything historial and Taylor…. well if it sells ice-cream it will be a winner.


I could see Kieran thoroughly enjoying exploring London!
I could see Kieran thoroughly enjoying exploring London!

*This post was written in collaboration with the mentioned business yet it true to my own thoughts, feeling and experiences.