Growing Boys and Clothes

I love having boys. They are enormous fun and like to run, jump, climb (fall), skid and generally just enjoy boyish fun. This is what boys do however finding clothes that look good, fit well and can survive the type of pressure that boys put on them isn’t as easy as it sounds.

The problem I have had in the past is that firstly, they are growing so quickly! Kieran is now a lanky 7 year old with a tiny waist and long legs. Taylor is 2.5yrs old and still tall for his age, stockier on top but again with a narrow waist. Finding kid’s clothes that fit properly, wash well and looks nice has been a bit of a battle at times to be honest.

My first mistake was to buy dirt cheap. I figure cheap and cheerful for rough and tumble and repeated washing would wear ok and when they were done it wouldn’t be a big deal to throw them away and start again. I underestimated the number of holes through knees and how shapeless items became very quickly when going for bargain basement prices.

Buying top branded clothing for kids this age doesn’t appeal to me either. While they might look great I’ve learned from bitter experience that my kids can annihilate such clothing ridiculously quickly which irks somewhat when I’ve paid over the odds to ensure a good fit etc.

Don’t get me wrong, the boys aren’t really little ruffians but they play hard, they paint, colour in, stick and enjoy a wide range of activities that boys (and girls) love which result in mess.

My solution to finding clothes that fit well (both of mine need adjustable waists and slim leg for a start, Kieran is super-skinny but long in the body too which is fun for tops and t-shirts), look great and last more than five minutes is to buy what I call mid-brand clothing.

Mid-brand to me is affordable yet doesn’t compromise on quality; K and Co are an example of a place that sells mid-range and are someone who I’ve ordered from before.

Balancing quality, style and budget isn’t as easy as it sounds but after some trial and error I have found a few stores online and off which tick all of the boxes.

Now I’ve sorted my clothing issues more or less I need to get to the next item on my list…. How to protect cream carpets from boys (and husbands!).

Not the easiest kids to clothe at times!
Not the easiest kids to clothe at times!