The Karaoke Song Meme….

I am not a fan of memes and being tagged, but I am very glad for this one!

The gorgeous  Cass from Frugal Family tagged me and showed me her karaoke sing-along favourite (don’t worry folks, it’s a YouTube video, not a vlog lol ) which made me “Aww”, sob and grin all at once. So here you go, my current karoake singalong favourite… (make sure you listen to a bit to remind yourself of how fab it is!)

Now the thing you have to understand is that 1) I am very proud of the fact I know every word to this song, all 8+ minutes of it, 2) I can sing both parts with different voices 3) I am tone deaf and 4) I look like Meatloaf does whilst singing it.

Hey-ho! It’s all good clean fun!

So whose karaoke faves would I like to hear? I won’t be offended if anyone doesn’t take me up on it, I rarely do, but….

  • Russell from Yes/No Music because I suspect it will be very usual,
  • Liz from Me & My Shadow – because she rocks (so will probably choose something like Rubber Ducky now),
  • Claire from Scratching That Creative Itch because she’s a witty bugger and I suspect will choose something amusing,
  • Tracy from White Lily Green (who is going to get bopped on the nose if she keeps changing her Twitter avatar and confusing me :p ) and
  • Another gorgeous Claire, who blogs at SomethingAboutClairey because shes a dark horse and I’m curious about what she belts out when no-one is watching!).
  • Oh and the fab Julia from I Need Curtain For The Window In My Head (who actually VOLUNTEERED!)