Kitchen / Utility Room Organisation

When we moved last year the one thing I was so pleased about was the fact that our new home had a utility room. I now have a place where I could have my washer, dryer (piles of folded clothes), recycling bag and fridge freezer out of my kitchen and out of sight.

I have a built in fridge in the kitchen which is handy for milk and everyday bits and bobs however I need more than that for our busy foodie family so kept our old fridge freezer when we moved in.

This left me with a fridge freezer which has very small drawers and is nowhere big enough so I bought a second hand chest freezer to run alongside it. I now have a small fridge in the kitchen, a fridge freezer and a chest freezer.

It doesn’t work.

My poor utility room is crammed with appliances and I still don’t have an ideal food storage system. I like the chest freezer because of the bulk amount of food that it stores however I find it difficult to find anything, even though I’ve found myself grouping different types of food in bags before throwing them in. I love the fridge freezer drawer system as this is much more organised however these drawers are too small and I do need the larger storage space in the fridge.

I’m a busy work from home mum juggling a business, two children and a husband, a home, Slimming World and I like to cook everything from scratch. Batch cooking is a big thing for me, as is an uncluttered utility room! Clearly it looks like the only option is to look at some new (and probably a lot more efficient energy-wise) fridge freezers to see if I can find something that ticks all of the boxes but doesn’t take up as much room as my current collection of white goods do.

My question for you today is: What is your top tip for food organisation or storage? Clearly I need to streamline the way I do things!

Fridge Freezer Options

*This post was written in collaboration with the mentioned business yet is true to my own thoughts, feelings and experiences.