Nature Indoors


I am known as being something of an interiors tart. I love to hear about the latest innovations in the design field, I’m a sucker for home makeover shows, Escape to the Country-like programs and have mentally bought a massive house and furnished it via Pinterest. When it comes to new and interesting features for the home, I’m there.

Something that has caught my eye recently have been wall water fountains. I’d not heard much about them previously, however having seen a few pictures here and articles there I decided to look into these more closely.

Basically, wall water fountains can be installed into your home and then go on to offer a multitude of benefits. For example, they are practically a piece of art work. They provide a very cool focal point, switched on or off and you don’t see them in every house so are quite the talking point. They also offer therapeutic benefits which appeal to me greatly. Used in massage rooms, therapy rooms, spas and more, I can certainly understand the appeal of laying back, closing your eyes and listening to the sound of your own mini waterfall.

I’m a keen advocate for proper relaxation and “me time” as in these busy times many of us seem constantly plugged into one digital device or another constantly. We need to switch off sometimes, unwind and get back to nature. The middle of November isn’t the best time to hike to a natural waterfall of course as so having one of these attractive features in your own home is most definitely a win.

Would you consider a wall waterfall? I could most definitely be tempted!