How Do We Say “I Love You”?

We are one of those families who don’t show love by giving gifts but by doing things for each other, little things to make each other smile, laugh, to lighten the load or simply show each other that we value and appreciate each and every member of our family.

When it comes to gift-giving we do this in order to treat each other, again to make each other smile. A box of chocolates does not say I love you for example, but someone taking the time to look for a person’s favourite kind, just because, does. You see, we say we love you through our actions, rather than what we buy for someone.

That said, if treats and sweets make someone smile, well that’s just lovely!

Gifts that say “You are Special”

Apt seeing as Mother’s Day is around the corner but valid for any day of the year, my lot know me very well and know what puts a smile on my face. 


I’m very easily pleased! I love alternative teas and it is usually my youngest sister Lauren who will pitch up with a box of something new to treat me, just because. The last box she brought was of Buttermint Tea via Twinings and I’m hooked!

A Gift For Another

For several years now Roy and the boys have gifted me an alternative gift for Mother’s Day, a gift from Unicef, such as a bundle of measles vaccinations that means another mother benefits too.


I’m a voracious reader and always have a wishlist of titles I’m wanting to read which makes great fodder for gift-giving if Roy or the boys like the idea of treating me.



There’s something magical about cut flowers. I love discovering new favourites and always smile when I walk into a room and find a vase of something colourful. Whether they are daffodils or my favourite Sweet Williams, flowers such as these from Flying Flowers are a lovely “I appreciate you” gift, especially when they are randomly given without warning. I love surprises.

A Lie In

Ok, this isn’t a bought gift as such but as someone who rarely lies in it’s a fabulous treat. Roy disappears downstairs with the boys, comes back with breakfast and a brew and I get hours of lazy peace and quiet. Priceless!

What sorts of gifts or treats make you smile?