Baxter and Snow – Gorgeous Home Items

Some time ago I came across a fantastic Facebook page after noticing a friend had “liked” it. That page was Baxter and Snow – recycled wooden wine boxes. Instantly I fell in love.
What the clever owner does is to use her skills to transform wine boxes into gorgeous home items such as craft boxes and magazine racks. I couldn’t resist buying one of the larger boxes which I intended to use for my desk up in the office.

It didn’t get past the kitchen.

If you look at the many examples of how people have used their boxes on Facebook you’ll see why I wanted one so badly. Of course, being a busy family home mine was put to a less photo-worthy but definitely a most organised use.

[slideshow id=24]

Mine sits on top of the our built in fridge in the kitchen. This unit is traditionally known as The Dump Zone. It has envelopes for school trip money, a school diary, small change, pens and pencils, a usb, sticky tape and glue, a piece of string, a cotton reel, cards, lip salve, plasters, drawing pins, safety pins, stickers, rail tickets, notepaper and the other 101 things that we use regularly or need to have to hand. It is also a handy place to empty your pockets, file mail to look at later and dump bits and pieces without making a mess.

And it looks blinking fantastic!

Unfortunately I now need to get another for my desk and am hoping to convince them that they want to make me a charging station 🙂

I’m posting this purely because I think these items are fantastic and hope that a few of you will be as thrilled with them as I was.  Baxter and Snow don’t keep in a bulk of stock and list items on their FB page as they are available so look sharp and bag yourself a gorgeous home item.

Baxter and Snow