Positively Examining Your Health With Patient.co.uk

It is New Year, I am still only 5ft 2″ and I haven’t magically lost a few stone over Christmas. To be blunt I’m feeling fairly shocking in myself and know now is the time (no time like the present) to have a good look at my weight and my health overall and look at what I can do to change things for the better. I have two young and active boys and if I don’t make changes soon-ish I will struggle to keep up with them.

 Patient.co.uk, as well as offering oodles of advice on health, diet, fitness and basically all things wellness-related have a handy survey you can take which enables you to input your data and pinpoint basically what could be done better (and what is already pretty good) and get you moving in the right direction.

According to quick test below (it says it takes 30 seconds but it doesn’t even take that) I am healthy-ish but there are still things I can do to improve. Having done the test I have been given the option to take a fuller health test. It’s free so why not?
The MyHealth Test takes ten minutes, or just under in my experience.
The results:
Ok, so not utterly fantastic then.
Normally this would have me searching for the nearest non-healthy snack however Patient.co.uk now offered me a chance to look at my lifestyle factors, see what I could do pro-actively to improve my health and set goals. Despite the not-so shocking revelation that I am not a superfit and healthy bod I was left feeling quite positive, motivated and looking forward to putting these plans in place and making changes rather than whinging about them.
If you’d like to take the initial test see the widget below and then if you really want to examine your health more closely and make positive and long-term changes keep going!

*This post was written on behalf of Patient.co.uk for a fee however this in no way alters the fact that I find it a very canny tool which has helped me make plans to get my health back on track.