How healthy am I? I asked

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I was asked to have a look at, undertake a health survey and post about my results. If I am being 100% honest I wasn’t prepared for how useful (and easy) the tool would be. I’ve filled in hundreds of health surveys over the years, usually every time I sign up to a slimming club or healthy eating website. This site is a bit different.

The survey took less than the expected 10 minutes (including the time I spent looking for the tape measure to do my waist and hip measurements) and all of the questions were self explanatory. The result of the survey gave me a Q score out of 100 which gave me a good idea of my overall general health level.
Not bad but room for improvement.

I was pleased with this score however as I was filling the survey in I was already thinking about changes that I really could do with making (for example, I am a beggar for putting salt on my food, and drink no-where enough water).
Rather than giving me a list of things I mustn’t so, allowed me to set my own goals for the future, and the time frame for these and provided me with information and a free health programme (by email) to work to. I’ll give that a go and see how I get on. The recommendations so far look realistic and manageable so I’d be a fool not to.

Whether you fancy having a go at the survey and getting an indication of how healthy you are or not, the website has a fantastic well-being section which is packed with useful articles, hints and tips that you might find interesting. I’m glad I agreed to give it a go as with two young boys to look after staying healthy is so important and any help is much appreciated.